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A pitch to the right hand of the Venezuelan second baseman jose altuve he took him out in the World Baseball Classic and now awaits an evaluation by the Houston Astros that would reveal how much time he could miss due to the injury.

for the leader omar lopezthe image of seeing Altuve on the ground, after Daniel Bard’s pitch hit his anatomy, was grim.

“I am super worried, I am sad, I am frustrated. I would like to express my emotions in another way, but I have to be strong for my country, for you and my family. I am super worried because one of the things I asked God is to return each one of my boys healthy, “said López, after the defeat of Venezuela 9-7 against the United States.

Moment when José Altuve was hit by Daniel Bard. (POLISHED NELSON/FREE DIARY)

Major League Baseball reported that Altuve will be examined this Sunday by Houston Astros doctors, and that a statement will be issued explaining the severity of the injury.

Despite Altuve’s absence, Venezuela he battled to the end in an extraordinary encounter that was defined with a home run with the bases loaded by Trea Turner.

The loss hit the spirits of López and the team hard, which won Group D undefeated, only to be ruled out of the quarterfinals.

“It’s frustrating when a team is battling a game from start to finish and one thing or another that happens in the game causes you to turn the game around. Unfortunately this is how it is, as men we have to raise our heads. It’s not easy when you have to get up after being down. But God’s plan was different, it was not for us”, explained the leader.

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Omar López speaks at the post-match press conference. (FREE DAILY)

And he reiterated the bad taste left by the defeat.

“We are well beaten, because the illusion was different, but we are proud of the work of each one. we leave the past of Venezuela dark, where we were seen differently in the World Baseball Classic. I think this generation must repeat, coaches and all or better, for the next Clásico ”, he added.

Dionisio Soldevila Brea has a degree in Law and sports writer since 1998. He has been Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor of Diario Libre since January 2021.

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