Joana Sanz once again sends a harsh message against Dani Alves: “He’s still in love with me, but he’s going to give me a divorce” | The USA Print

The couple is in the middle of a divorce process.

The couple is in the middle of a divorce process.


The Spanish model and still wife of Dani Alves, Joana Sanz, recently offered some statements to deny the rumors about the alleged refusal of the historic Brazilian player in refusing to give him the divorce that he requested a few weeks ago for the betrayal of the relationship he committed at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

These statements were made in conversation with the journalist Leticia Requejo, from “El Programa de Ana Rosa” broadcast on Spanish television; She assured that the divorce process is still underway and that she has not received any refusal from the former FC Barcelona and UNAM Pumas player.

I don’t want to go bad but he loves me and is clinging to me. He is still in love with me, but it is not true that he is not going to give me a divorce. I don’t want to go the wrong way but he loves me and is clinging to me”, highlighted Sanz.

I talk to him every day from prison. He’s still taking in what’s going on“Added the model when talking about the process that Alves has had to pay throughout these months.

Sanz’s words have caused great surprise for his followers, because they show that they are quite well and that he has their full support in all the legal dispute that the side is currently going through despite being in the middle of a divorce.

In addition, confirmed that he will leave the house they shared in the city of Barcelona to move to Madrid; He assured that this decision is due to the great job offers he has received and a new project that he hopes to start in the coming months.

Let’s remember that Dani Alves has already been in the Brians II prison in the Spanish city for four months because he was accused by a 23-year-old woman of allegedly having sexually assaulted her. However, the player assures that the fact was consensual.

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