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The forward maintained that they must fight more to be able to stand out in their teams.

The forward maintained that they must fight more to be able to stand out in their teams.

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The Mexican soccer player and current figure of the Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara, José Juan Macías, experienced a difficult moment in his career after making the leap to Spanish football Due to the fact that he could not meet the desired expectations and after a brief internship he returned to Liga MX to continue developing as a professional player.

During a recent interview for the channel Youtube of Ramón Morales, the player assured that Mexican soccer players are victims of clear racism in Europe; He maintained that this situation is due to the fact that they do not value the sporting qualities they possess in the same way as those of players of other nationalities.

Macías, who defended the colors of Getafe within LaLiga of Spain, He assured that the footballers who value the most in the old continent are the Argentines and to be able to appear within the club you must perform three times better the actions that one of the South Americans perform.

“The net, let’s go to reality, they are racist in Europe, right? Speaking of soccer. For example, what an Argentine does there we have to do it three times, It is reality and it is what it is. We have to reaffirm it many times, ”he highlighted in his statements.

Given these words, Ramón Morales himself admitted that he shared the field with players of great historical level such as Carles Puyol or Zambrotta; He assured that both defenders were of a very high level during the 90s, but maintained that they were not that different from their sports performance.

“It is a matter of focus and discipline, that perhaps the Latinos see us as wild, and there they are colder, more upright, more than giving numbers. After that we have the ability and talent to develop and exploit. It is a ball, we have two legs and it is not that much of a difference, but we are not constant or we go for everything or we give up, but we do not work, ”he highlighted.

Macías is currently undergoing a rehabilitation process to recover from the knee injury he suffered.

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