Jimmy Fallon accused of promoting a toxic environment on his late-night show

They accuse Jimmy Fallon of promoting a toxic environment on his late-night show - Tomatazos


Strikes by writers and actors in Hollywood launched a new system for revealing labor mistreatment by big business. Although this topic is not really new, it was usual to hear about these cases long after they happened, since employees were always afraid of losing their jobs or suffering repercussions for speaking out. However, in recent years this has changed a lot and now it is more common to hear this type of news as it happened at the time with Ellen DeGeneres and now with Jimmy Fallon.

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Jimmy Fallon is one of the favorite hosts of celebrities

An essential part of working in the film industry is promoting projects through interviews that for many celebrities quickly become repetitive and endless. Although there are celebrities who tolerate this better than others, in general everyone agrees that it can be quite exhausting and that is why they always welcome the possibility of being in a relaxed environment with a fun and different host. Thus, Jimmy Fallon He became one of the most recognized personalities thanks to his night program in which all the guests always looked happy and at ease.

Fallon became a host for Tonight Show in 2014, joining a long line of comedians looking to show through their interviews that celebrities are just as normal and funny as anyone, which in turn helps fans feel closer to these unattainable celebrities. Between questions, karaoke and various games, this program has seen all kinds of public figures parade, from Barack Obama to the cast of Stranger Things – Jimmy Fallon accused of promoting a toxic environment on his late-night show96% With so much time on the air without controversy, everything seemed to indicate that Fallon was really what he was shown on television, but new information has come to light and his followers will surely have many questions about it.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Source: IMDb)
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Source: IMDb)

rolling stones has just published a very comprehensive investigative article collecting serious complaints and accusations against Fallon from 14 former employees and 2 returning workers who are still part of his team to The Tonight Show. The text explains that the host promoted a toxic work environment and that he presented a very erratic behavior that made it impossible to work with him, especially since he did not take responsibility for his attitudes or solve the problems that concerned the majority.

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As explained, everyone who works on the show knows that Fallon has “good days” and “bad days”, and it is on those bad days that he comes across as erratic and strange, greatly hindering rehearsals for the show. Employees remember one day in particular, in 2017, when the host failed to remember that he himself had crossed out certain jokes from a piece of paper he was holding at the time while speaking to the audience:

He did not remember that he himself had crossed it out. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, (he looks) drunk. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. This could be horrible, this could be the end of the show right here.

Apparently, proof of this attitude of Fallon is that the program has had 9 showrunners in the last 9 years, many of them leaving the job before the host’s outbursts and others not knowing how to say no to their boss. Several of these employees also recognize that the internal hierarchy is a mess, which does not allow any stability to produce, write and rehearse as it should. Similarly, these accusations were made anonymously because many fear losing their jobs or having to face Fallon at his worst.

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Jimmy Fallon He still hasn’t directly responded to this inquiry, and so far none of the previous showrunners have wanted to talk about the atmosphere on the show. Many employees defended Fallon, but declined to name or go on record, preferring not to help the outlet at all. NBC also defended the show, though not directly against Fallon as host. These accusations are worrying, especially since several of the workers acknowledge that his mental health was greatly affected and it was even normal to hear jokes about suicide among colleagues. For them, the most important thing is to save The Tonight Shownot cancel it, and for that it is necessary to acknowledge Fallon’s problems and for him to take responsibility for his behavior and treatment in general.

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