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Jennifer Lopez and Jason Duhamel have an explosive wedding in "Shotgun Wedding"

This image released by Lionsgate shows Jennifer Lopez, left, and Josh Duhamel in a scene from

This image released by Lionsgate shows Jennifer Lopez, left, and Josh Duhamel in a scene from “Shotgun Wedding.” (Ana Carballosa/Lionsgate via AP)

The dynamism, laughter and madness of the film “Shotgun Wedding” once again convinced Jennifer López to take part in a romantic comedy, the actress and singer herself explained to EFE, who enjoyed “a lot” when filming the scenes in action.

“I think people know that I’m a romantic and a lot of these movies have to do with weddings, but this one in particular is really different from anything I’ve done, it has adventure, action and a lot of comedy,” said the actress.

The film that premieres this Friday on the streaming platform Prime Video follows the story of Tom -played by Josh Duhamel- and Darcy (Lopez), a middle-aged couple who decide to get married on an island in the Philippines in the company of their relatives. .

Tom is a man with details who aspires to have a dream wedding, while Darcy, who would have preferred to have a solo ceremony with his fiancé, moves away from the typical desperate and perfectionist bride who wants to have things under control.

“In real life, I do like to be involved, I’m a bit more like Tom, I’m not a ‘bridezilla’ (crazy about the wedding) but I get more involved in the details,” said Lopez, who recently married actor Ben Affleck.

The protagonists’ wedding plans are complicated by the arrival of Sean, Darcy’s likeable and apparently perfect ex-boyfriend who is played by singer Lenny Kravitz.

Kravitz, who has been part of films such as “Precious” or “The Hunger Games”, accepted the role to get out of the “surreal” experience that the confinement of the pandemic meant for him.

And he considered that his character is “a kind of ridiculed version” of him, so he found it fun to be part of the project directed by Jason Moore.

“I liked Sean’s character because he is not what he seems and in the end he turns out to be different from what you might think he is,” said the singer.

Tom and Darcy will have to rethink if it is true that they want to spend the rest of their lives together while they fight against some pirates who have kidnapped their family and seek to steal all their money.

They will also face persecutions, knife fights and armed confrontations wearing their suit and wedding dress respectively.


The cast is completed by recent Golden Globe winner Jennifer Coolidge (“The White Lotus”), comedian Cheech Marin (“From Dusk Till Down”), Steve Coulter (“She-Hulk”), D’Arcy Carden (“ Other People”) and Callie Hernandez (“La La Land”).

“It was very exciting to go to work, every day was different and there was always something physical and exciting to do. The cast was amazing. All of that made it one of the movies I’ve most enjoyed making in my career,” Duhamel said.

For her part, Coolidge, who plays Darcy’s clueless mother-in-law, confessed that her favorite part of the film was having the opportunity to grab a gun and become a “bad girl.”

“Even when you know it’s not real bullets, it’s dangerous, and as a woman the prospect of having a gun in your hands makes you feel like you’re a real bad girl for a second,” said Coolidge, who learned to use an AK- 47 during filming.

Finally, Cheech Marin believes that weddings will continue to have a bit of madness to a lesser or greater extent than what the film presents.

“It’s the most important commitment you’re going to make in your life – unless you do it 27 times – because you’re entrusting your life to someone else and you don’t know what will happen next, and that’s scary,” he concluded.

This story was originally published on January 27, 2023 8:38 a.m.

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