Jenni Hermoso fueled the controversy against Montse Tomé: “Protect me from what? Or from whom?” | The USA Print

Jenni Hermoso fueled the controversy against Montse Tomé: "Protect me from what? Or from whom?"

Jenni Hermoso fueled the controversy against Montse Tomé: "Protect me from what? Or from whom?" | The USA Print

Jenni Hermoso, Spanish soccer player, spoke on social networksafter the new coach of Spain, Montse Tomé, issued the list of those called up for the qualification matches of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and she did not appear on said list.

Tomé, when asked about Hermoso’s absence from the squad, said: “We are with Jenni in everything and with all the players. The way to help them is to listen to them. We believe that the best way to protect it is like this. We have Jenni, I have been working with her for five years. “We have agreed as a professional colleague.”

To which the player asked herself: “Protect me from what?”. A protection that, he has highlighted, they have been asking for for weeks and months for the entire team, but that has never arrived.

The document is titled “Protect me from what?” “We have been looking for weeks, months, for protection that we have not been able to find within the RFEF itself.. The same people who ask us for trust are the ones who today launch a list with players who have asked to be NOT called up.”

The text explains that the players are “very clear” that this is “another strategy of division and manipulation to intimidate and threaten us with legal repercussions and economic sanctions.”

And adds: “Another indisputable proof that shows that nothing has changed today and that confirms the reason why we are fighting and how we are doing it”. And if they do not respond to the team’s call to play the Olympic qualifying matches, they could face fines ranging between $3,000 and $30,000 dollars or a possible suspension of the federation license for a period of time. which can range from two years to 15 years.

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“I want to show my full support to my teammates who today have been surprised and forced to react to another unfortunate situation caused by the people who continue to make decisions within the RFEF today,” stated the player. Hermoso also wanted to make it “very clear” that during this Monday (at the coach’s press conference) they tried to argue that the “environment would be safe” for the current players, he adds: “At the same press conference it was announced that they were not calling me to protect myself”. To conclude, she asked again: “Protect me from what? Or from whom?”.

Just a few hours earlier, the players who have been called up by Montse Tomé have issued a statement in which they reiterate their refusal to go with the national team. “What was expressed in our statement of September 22, 2023, makes clear, and without any option for another interpretation, our firm will not to be summoned for justified reasons. These statements are still fully valid“, reads the text that has been distributed.

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