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Jenna Ortega (Coachella, 20 years old) has talked about her experience filming the great success of Netflix Wednesday. The Californian has been honest, without mincing words, in the podcast Armchair Expert about how he felt working on the project directed by Tim Burton.

“The things that she does, what I had to play, didn’t make sense or fit the character. The love triangle doesn’t make any sense. There was a line about a dress that she was going to wear to the dance, when she goes ‘Oh my gosh, I love it,’ which I can’t believe she said. I literally hate myself for it,” the actress explained.

In addition to complaining about the script of the series, Ortega has commented that in some scenes he simply tried to improvise and “not say verbatim” what the script put in to try to make his character more credible. The actress has also dedicated a few words to the famous dance. “It was supposed to be a flash mob and supposedly everyone was going to start dancing with her. But I stood up to that because I thought: would she like that?

Although Jenna Ortega has been very critical of the Netflix production, she has also had good words for its director, Tim Burton, of whom she has said that “he highly valued his contributions.” In an interview he gave to S Fashion On the occasion of the premiere of the series, this was what he said about the filmmaker: “Tim is wonderful. He is so nice… he is good, funny and very normal. Really very normal. He was always asking me questions about how I felt, how he wanted to do certain things. He is a director who has highly valued what I thought, what I had to say. You don’t always find this when you’re working, especially when you’re shooting with big, popular people like him. It has been very special working with him.”

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Jenna Ortega, the new Tim Burton Wednesday:

Jenna Ortega, the new Tim Burton Wednesday: “It is heartbreaking that children have to go to school with fear”

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