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Jeff Jarrett responde a su presencia en la programación de AEW

Time on television is something of great value for diverse talents of professional wrestling. We live these situations All Elite Wrestling and WWE, where many talents strive to deliver exceptional work to earn more screen time. Given this, Jeff Jarrett took the floor to refer to his situation in the company.

Jeff Jarrett explains the reasons for his presence on television

In an interview with “Good Karma Wrestling”Jeff Jarrett was asked about his time on television within the AEW programming and why he deserves that opportunity. The legend of the business responded that the emotional connection with the audience is the big reason for that.. People who hate him as a heel mention that he did one thing or is there. Even the chants against him consider it a sign of “affection.”

In addition, Jarrett expresses that the connection with the audience existed for 70 years and will continue to do so for 70 more years. Given that, that’s what entertainment is all about because it doesn’t matter if you’re playing in the NBA, in the NFL or if you’re a big blockbuster in Hollywood, without the connection you’re nothing.

«The emotional connection with the audience, simple as that. It is something that goes without saying. The haters say, ‘Oh, he’s done this. He has done that.’ All you have to do is listen to the people of the arena.

They love me. There are people who yell ‘fU Jarrett’, but they do it in an endearment. They enjoy it, but it’s an emotional connection. That will never go away.

The boos will continue to become more and more aggressive and athletic. That is the nature of the beast. At the end of the day, the emotional connection with the audience existed 70 years ago and will exist 70 years from now.

That’s what entertainment is all about. It doesn’t matter if you are an NBA player, playing in the NFL or in a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s all about connecting with your audience.”

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