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The fight lasted twenty years. In Alex Cooper’s podcast “Call her Daddy”, Jane Fonda looked back on difficult years. As she started acting, the young woman had to fight against her demons: “In my twenties, I started to be a movie actress. I suffered from bulimia very, very seriously. I was waging a secret struggle, she says I was very, very unhappy. I thought I wouldn’t live past my thirties”. The young woman reveals that she did not accept her body and suffered from her father’s obsession with thin women.

“If I continue like this, I will die…”

Because of this bulimia, she cut herself off from others: “I didn’t go out, I hardly saw anyone because I was unhappy. (…) It’s a very solitary disease, we become dependent on it, she continues. I didn’t know there were groups you could join. No one was talking about it back then! I didn’t even know there was a word for it.”

She finally becomes aware of the danger incurred for her body: “If I continue like this, I will die…”. Jane Fonda takes up aerobics and manages to master her body and mind as she recently explained in People magazine: “If you stuff yourself and purge yourself, you need three or four days to really recover. And I just couldn’t lead the lifestyle that I wanted to lead. I thought my life was worth improving, so I decided I would quit. And it was really, really, really hard… The good news is you can recover from eating disorders.”

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