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    James Bond producer reveals the age of the next actor to play 007

    James Bond producer Michael G. Wilson has revealed the age of the actor who will soon play the British spy.

    Daniel Craig officially stepped down from the role after his performance in No Time to Diepremiered in 2019.

    The actor, who began playing 007 in the movie Royal Casino from 2006 when he was 38 years old, he appeared in five Bond films in total.

    Now, it is speculated who will be chosen for the role in future films. According to the Broccolli Estate, the production team behind this long series of films, has not yet decided who the actor will be.

    Despite this, it is frequently reported that the actor from BridgertonRegé-Jean Page, Tom Hardy, Richard Madden or Idris Elba are being proposed for the role.

    While it looks like it will be some time before an official announcement is made, a clue can be found in producer Michael G. Wilson, who recently attended a Bond event at the British Film Institute (BFI).

    “We have tried to look for younger people in the past,” reports dead line Wilson said about the casting process. “But trying to visualize it doesn’t work.”

    He continued: “Remember, Bond is already a veteran. He has had some experience. He is a person who has been through the wars, so to speak. He’s probably been in the SAS or something. He’s not some high school kid that you can bring in and start him. That’s why he works for a thirtysomething.

    While the actors may play different ages, it seems unlikely that the Bond producers would target someone in their twenties. If they’re looking to cast an actor who is actually in his mid-30s, this would rule out both 45-year-old Hardy and 50-year-old Elba.

    Has Tom Hardy been ruled out to play Bond?

    (Getty Images)

    Page and Madden are 34 and 36 years old, respectively, so Wilson’s words could be an indicator that the character will be played by one of these two. Other proposed actors include to the actor by Umbrella Academy Tom Hopper and Jamie Bell, both in their thirties.

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