Jade Cargill would have gotten “a lot more money than usual” after signing with WWE | #wwe #Aew | The USA Print

Jade Cargill would have gotten "a lot more money than usual" after signing with WWE

Following her imminent signing with WWE, Jade Cargill would receive much more money than usual for someone new to the company.

In recent days we have seen how a revolution has occurred on social networks, since it was reported that the contract of the former TBS Women’s Champion, Jade Cargill, would have ended with AEW. The rumors did not take long to arrive, since it was immediately reported that her next destination would be WWE.

In fact, it was reported that Jade will be at the Performance Center this week to close the final details of her next contract with the company. As reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Cargill is expected to get a focal boost as soon as it joins the company. In addition, the renowned journalist commented that he will receive more money than usual for someone who comes to WWE.

It will get a focal push, because the money you have to invest in it, you have to give it a chance to gain a foothold because they are not paying what they would pay a normal person to start there. It’s not like Charlotte Flair’s money or anything, or Becky Lynch’s money, but for a newcomer to the company, it’s a lot higher than what they usually go for, so she got a good deal.

This was not the only thing Dave commented, as he also talked about WWE having already begun preparing creative plans for Jade Cargill, if you want to read more about it click here. We will have to be very attentive to WWE’s weekly programming, since Jade Cargill’s debut in WWE could occur imminently.

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