Jacky Bracamontes will host the grand finale of “The 50,” which will air live coast-to-coast on Monday, September 25 | The USA Print

Jacky Bracamontes will host the grand finale of "The 50," which will air live coast-to-coast on Monday, September 25 | The USA Print

Next September 25 at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/4pm PacificJacky Bracamontes will be the host of the grand finale of “The 50” on Telemundo, a reality show that has kept its audience aware of every competition and challenge that has left celebrities completely exposed to public opinion, not only because the physical demands have far exceeded viewers’ expectations, but because some strategies have taken them to pledge honor and word, only to lose it at the last moment.

Jacky Bracamontes proudly showed off details of her trip.
Jacky Bracamontes is one of Telemundo’s star hosts. / Photo by Getty Images.
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It is important to remember that this Monday one of the celebrities will take home $350,000 as a first place prize. An amount for which all those who entered the “León” hacienda have worked, and which only one of them will be able to enjoy.

The grand finale of “The 50” will also have other surprises not only for the viewers, but also for the finalists. Through a press release, the network has confirmed the presence of family members in the final, as well as the presence of eliminated competitors. But the public will also have a presence in this challenge, since the fans who correctly chose the famous finalists in “Los 50 Zona Fans” will also be there.

Once we know The name of the winner will be at the moment in which we will know the name of the fan who will also take home the $50,000 dollars. It is important to note that this modality was a success for Telemundo, since there are around 126,000 registered users looking to be the fan chosen to win such a covetable prize.

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Important information

In this last week of the reality show, there will be daily eliminations, this will make the celebrities do everything possible to stay in the competition.

For all those who have never seen “The 50”, we can tell you that this is a reality show with an innovative format that opened the doors to 50 personalities of renown who lived, together and mixed together, on a ranch being totally disconnected from the outside world, competing in a series of elimination challenges.

During their stay and for the competition they were always under the command of the Lion, “their host.” Within the game, players have made alliances and strategies with the sole objective of avoiding elimination to win the grand prize of up to $350,000.

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