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Izquierda Unida will kick off its pre-campaign for the municipal and regional elections in May this Saturday in Valencia. The party coordinated by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, which to date has closed confluences with Podemos in eight of the 12 communities at stake on the next 28-M, seeks with this series of acts to assert its political experience and municipal implantation. Under the motto “We take care of what is close”, IU wants to project itself as a left “with proven solvency”, “recognizable” and in which “it can be trusted”, according to sources from the executive. The claim comes in the middle of negotiations to form Sumar, the platform that Yolanda Díaz builds, and in parallel to the tour carried out by Podemos to promote its own candidates in these elections.

Party sources try to distance themselves with this campaign from the noise that surrounds political activity, in tune with the speech also promoted by the second vice president. “At IU we don’t get nervous, we go to our business, to what the neighbors need in each territory. We prefer not to be protagonists of political noise because we are focused on what is important ”, they emphasize. Garzón’s leadership argues that “the most belligerent is not more of the left”, in a message that can be interpreted as an indirect allusion to Podemos, and vindicates the work of its more than 2,000 councilors throughout Spain.

The party presents itself as a left “with accredited solvency to transform people’s trust into social progress”, “recognizable” and “that can be trusted” and affirms that they have been “all their lives” in the towns. “The institutional work sustained over time supports us,” reiterate the same sources.

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Izquierda Unida will announce during these events the political program with which it is presented to the regional and municipal elections and in which it has been working since last year under the premise that the change it defends “requires a State with a strong public power , democratic and participatory” that “intervenes to guarantee rights” and “particularly protects” those of the “social working majority”.

The launch of the pre-campaign this Saturday at 11:30 in Valencia to present their regional candidates will also be Garzón’s first public act since the birth of his third child last January. Precisely in this community, where Compromís is the predominant force to the left of the PSOE, Podemos and IU have not yet closed an agreement to run together in May. For now, the Belarra party continues its tour of the territory independently to promote its own candidates for those elections, although in most territories —Navarra, Madrid, Murcia, Extremadura, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, the Canary Islands and Castilla-La Mancha— both formations will go in coalition both in regional and municipal. The agreement extends, in the case of local elections, to the Basque Country and Catalonia.

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The process coincides in time with the start of the negotiations to form a coalition facing the generals around Sumar. IU has supported the plans of the head of Labor from the beginning and in recent months has pushed to “improve the participation of organizations” in the project with proposals such as the creation of a party table. The Belarra leadership is suspicious of the initiative, considering that this formula could give all formations the same weight. Asked about the talks with Podemos this Thursday in the SER Chain, Díaz asked “everyone” to be “at the height of the circumstances.” “I am sure that nobody is going to put our country at risk,” said the vice president, also by way of warning, before emphasizing that the political differences “are focused on the projects” and downplaying the issue of the lists. “Sometimes by negotiating and losing a little you win,” the leader also dropped at the end of her speech.

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