“It’s video, it’s video”: Messi corrected a fan who asked him for a photo | The USA Print

"It's video, it's video": Messi corrected a fan who asked him for a photo

The Argentine star Lionel Messihas given a new show of humility and patience with the fans who follow him and ask for a photo whenever they can.

At the end of the friendly match between Argentina and Panamaheld on March 23a woman approached Messi to ask for a photo, but her nerves played a trick on her.

The girl was Eliana Pantano, the artisan who designed the replica of the World Cup that raised the selection of Argentina in the celebration of his third World-wide one.

She put the camera in selfie mode, but he didn’t realize he was recording. It was then that Leo warned him “it’s video, it’s video.”

Eliana Pantano He tried to correct it, but he still kept recording amidst his nerves and Messi, with all the peace of mind in the world, told him again “it’s a video”.

“The patience of Leo Messi. I got nervous and couldn’t take the photo. ‘It’s video’, he warned me. One of these days I get excited and publish it with the original sound. There my cups went in the arms of the world champions and I couldn’t be happier. 3/23/23 Memories of an unforgettable night, ”said the artisan when posting her video on her networks.

after several days shared the video with the original audio to demonstrate the patience and good humor of La Pulga.

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The audiovisual immediately went viral on social networks, where many praised Messi’s way of being.

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