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When the name of Ramón Campos appears in a series, we already know that there will be no flattery, but pure entertainment. The Serie Nacho (biopic of Nacho Vidal) has, among others, that name that is joined by others such as Gemma Neira or Teresa Fernández-Valdés. Atresmedia continues to bet on the lives of saints (Christ and King, Poison) with this creation about the career of the biggest porn star of recent times.

But if you are interested in the ins and outs of porn, it is certainly not in Nacho where you will find them. I am not pointing out a lack but a fact. Try looking for interviews with this character in different media and you will see how he adapts to the audience he speaks to. He is corny and familiar with Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo, slum and misogynistic with Torbe, and thoughtful with Mercedes Milá. He is sympathetic with the LGTBIQ collective in the Deluxe, but I can remember (although unfortunately, I do not quote) some of his statements that were quite the opposite. In short, Nacho Vidal is much smarter than we want to believe in our fantasies. And, as he has once said, it is not enough to fit well; he takes a lot more to be a star. And looking at a star is fascinating from the moment it is born until it goes out. That’s why we look at them.

If you want to know the people who built Spanish porn look for the book The sex that talks by Jordi Costa. And if you want entertainment, watch Nacho in Atresmedia. This will not be the series that opens the doors to those lives that we do not see inside those bodies that we look at. I’m sure that one day someone will make that series, or that documentary. Meanwhile, I can only congratulate Pepa Charro and Juan Carlos Vellido for their interpretations of Juani del Bagdag and José María Ponce. We’ll see how the show ends.

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