“It’s not easy when they crucify you”: Soccer player Antony denied accusations of assault by two other women in Brazil | The USA Print

Manchester United ruled on mistreatment accusations against Brazilian Antony: "We take this matter very seriously"

"It's not easy when they crucify you": Soccer player Antony denied accusations of assault by two other women in Brazil | The USA Print

Brazilian Antony dos Santos denied accusations of assault by two other women in Brazil as well as those of his ex-partner Gabriela Cavallin. In an interview given to the Brazilian television channel SBT this Friday, the footballer assured that although her relationship with Cavallin was “turbulent”, he “never touched her.”

In that sense, the footballer gave a brief account of the events: “I left training in the morning, got in my vehicle and headed to the hotel where she was staying. We had lunch together, as usual. We chat, as usual. All quiet (…) I told him I had to leave and at that moment there was an argument.

“I was sitting on the bed. She grabbed my face. She turned around. She broke a cup, she broke a plate… she came towards me. At that moment I hugged her. I didn’t squeeze it, I didn’t do anything. I told him: ‘Calm down, calm down, calm down,’” the footballer argued.

On the other hand, The Brazilian media Extra reported this Thursday that a woman named Rayssa de Freitas filed a police report against Antony on May 20, 2022. after allegedly being attacked in an encounter with the player. Another woman, identified as Ingrid Lana, also alleged that Antony tried to have sexual relations with her and pushed her against a wall when he visited her home in England almost a year ago.

When asked about these last two accusations, Antony flatly denied them, claiming to be “a100% sure that I never touched any woman (…) I’m sure. I will present the proof and people will understand. They will see the truth.”

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The 23-year-old footballer is being investigated by Brazilian authorities and Greater Manchester police after his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin reported that she was attacked on different occasions by Antony between June 2022 and May of this year.

“It’s not easy when they crucify you”

When asked if he thought his career could be over, Antony said “definitely not.”

“It’s not easy when they crucify you. Do you think I didn’t want to speak, defend myself? To show the public who I really am? (…) Be the truth and the truth will come to light. I know a lot of people are massacring me. But the truth always comes to light,” said the striker through tears.

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