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La mujer tuvo que ir a terapia para superar su vivencia con la muerte.

A TikTok user from the United Kingdom who identifies as Raychul It has gone viral in recent days after he uploaded a video, in which he recounts an unusual experience and that only very few have lived.

It turns out that some time ago, this woman went through various health problems that finally took her to the hospital in an emergency.

Being already there, Raychul worsened, to such a degree that he assures, she was clinically dead for 7 minutes, thus sharing her experience of the “afterlife”.

“Basically, I died for about 7 minutes total, but it seemed like forever… I was in an open field that had a giant tree in the middle with water in front of it.”explained the woman in her clip.

“There was no sense of space or relative to size or environment. It was gigantic. It was also endless, there was no horizon that you could really see to give you an idea of ​​how big this place was.

“Suddenly, I heard a million voices, all speaking at the same time and transmitting information to me about what it means to be a good person, my interaction with other people and how that affects a multitude of your peers,” Raychul added in his story. which soon went viral.

In another clip talking about the subject, Raychul He claimed to have seen a “cesspool” while he was lifeless, which scared him a lot and still gives him nightmares. “There were hundreds of billions of people in this space. We can see each other, but we can’t talk to each other, you can’t really understand what someone is saying. You just hear people yelling names and asking for help for their mother and you can’t really see them, you can’t feel them, they’re just there.”

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Finally, the doctors managed to revive her and after spending 2 months in the hospital, she was released to later give way to psychological treatment to stabilize her emotionally after her experience.

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