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All states usually require people who want to obtain citizenship to have a minimum knowledge of the country’s official language. Without going any further, among the necessary documentation in the case of Spain, the Ministry of Justice requires two diplomas, issued by the Cervantes Institute: the constitutional and sociocultural knowledge test (CCSE) and the Spanish language knowledge test (DELE). .

Now it turns out that Andorra, which has Catalan as its only official language, has half-awakened regarding the protection of its own language and announced that it would require a minimum knowledge of people who have their official residence there. A 30-hour course is all that the Pyrenean Government asked of the people who, in return, are welcomed in its bucolic valleys as long as they have a large current account in the bank.

The streamer complained about having to take a 30-hour Catalan course

But who was the first to raise his voice? Well, a streamer, a character who, since he has access to a large audience, complained loudly about the fact that someone had dared to want to protect his own language, minoritized and threatened on all fronts. All this while he takes refuge in Andorra precisely to avoid paying so many taxes for the number of quarters he earns.

On September 7, the one who protested ostentatiously was Agustin51, which is the nickname of José Agustín Peréz Nuñéz, known above all for his skill in video games such as Fortnite either Minecraft and because he is part of the Salchichón Squad with other streamers, as Marc Mestres explained in this newspaper.

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The Pyrenean Government has taken a step back and will only require it from workers

The kid dropped a few pearls, like: “If five years ago you told me that to move to Andorra I had to learn Catalan, I won’t move. “I like to live in free places.” And he finished: “What is this, a fucking dictatorship or what?” According to this logic, if we apply a simple rule of three it would result that any country that asked its citizens to speak their own language would not be free countries, but dictatorships. Let’s finish!

Faced with this commotion, the Government of Andorra was intimidated and limited the measure to people who face the public, to workers who do not have a checking account of a few digits like streamers. The purpose is for them to learn a minimum vocabulary in their field with this 30-hour course. That is to say, whoever is behind the bar counter does not make an alien face when someone asks for “a tallat”.