Interview with Rouss, the producer of Sebastián Yatra who is now launching his solo career | The USA Print

Interview with Rouss, the producer of Sebastián Yatra who is now launching his solo career



Pablo Rouss was born in Navarra 28 years ago, but his work as a producer ended up forcing him to live in Madrid. His talent has allowed him in a few years to work with artists such as Sebastian Yatra, with whom he managed to take home two Latin Grammys. The ‘hit’ red heels was born from his studio, which has brought so much joy to the Colombian artist internationally.

He fondly remembers when they announced the Latin Grammy for that work. “It was an incredible experience. I will never forget being at the Las Vegas table with Yatra, holding hands”, he recounted in an interview with Vozpopuli. As an anecdote, he recalls that both he and all those who were at his table were left without a mobile phone, since with their nerves they left them on the table and since it was the last prize, they did not return for them. “Imagine winning two Latin Grammys and not being able to call home to tell about it,” he affirms, although he acknowledges that hours later they managed to find their terminals.

This was the icing on the cake of an intense career as a producer, he is a very experienced professional: he started working for metal bands. He considers his move to pop “a natural change” which has allowed him to “implement metal stuff” in more recent productions.

After succeeding in this facet, Rouss has decided to embark on a solo career, although as she confesses to Vozpopuli, he does not intend to stop producing: this year he is immersed in six projects other than his own, which is about to see the light of day. “I have to go in automatic mode, I don’t think about itbecause if I do it, it will give me a cerebral embolism“, he jokes.

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His work as a soloist has allowed him to enter Amazon Music’s talent promotion program, called break: “It is a pride for me to work with them, that they have my music and get together to where I can’t get alone”.

On his album, there will be numerous collaborations, among which those that he will publish with Recycled J or Álvaro de Luna stand out. His work as a producer has allowed him to make friends with great names in music who have now not hesitated to contribute their grain of sand so that Rouss’s work succeeds. “With 60% of the artists on my album I have already worked. It hasn’t been complicated because I have a work or friendship relationship”, he tells Vozpopuli.

“I want to break with the thought that You can only pair rappers with rappers or poppers with poppers to walk separately”, he said about a record that promises to be revolutionary because it is “a strong commitment” to “do away with labels” in the world of music. A project that he classifies as “tedious”, since bringing together a total of 22 artists for 19 themes “it’s difficult”. Finishing the album has cost him two years of work.

After the Rompe festival, he will present his album in Madrid and will have all these artists, who will want to be present at his baptism in the capital. Therefore, it will be an ideal occasion not only to see Rouss, but also other artists with whom she will release her debut album.

Asked if now he does not have to argue with other people to get a job done, he says that he has not yet had that privilege. “In this album I have had little freedom, since debating with so many artists is complicated, that’s why it took us so long to release it”. She confesses that in order to get the record off the ground she has needed to “put her thoughts aside” and work on “empathy and communication.” However, in parallel, she is already working on another album that will be 100% solo.: “There I am 100% free.”

Rouss produces, composes, and creates the melodies for her own songs. A process that, according to him, varies little with respect to when he works with other artists. “I develop the melodies and when the song goes along, I start composing”, he tells this newspaper.