Insomnia among students: it would be twice as common among those who consume cannabis daily | The USA Print

The researchers wanted to show what impact daily cannabis use could have on studentssuffering from sleeping troubles and if it could be correlated. In new study published in Psychiatry Researchthey observed the cannabis consumption of students, which is particularly high in France for 18-25 year olds, and they wanted to measure its impact about their sleep disorder. In particular, they were able to observe a doubling of insomnia among smokers dailies (source 1). Of the 14,787 students surveyed, it would be close to 55% of them who would have disturbed sleep and 19% who would suffer from insomnia. To do this, the students answered an online questionnaire on their frequency of cannabis consumption over the past year and on the quality of their sleep over the past three months. Other questions about their lifestyle and mental health were asked to limit bias. The results show that there is a link between cannabis-using students and insomnia or sleep disorders. The risk of insomnia is increased by 45% for cannabis smokers. Nevertheless, the causality between cannabis and insomnia is not certain (source 2).

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