Iñigo Onieva partners with El Turronero for his next business adventure


With pick and shovel. This is the husband of Tamara Falco looking for investors for the business he wants to launch in the capital, something related to the world of hospitality that he likes so much and where he already has experience. It seems that the technique of Inigo Onieva has worked and has finally found a top capitalist partner: The Nougat. Jose Luis Lopez He is one of the most prominent businessmen of the moment and most popular among celebrities.

Its businesses include a brand of luxury bags (Hedén), designed and manufactured in Ubrique, an ITV and a company that manufactures diesel fuel with plastic. In addition, she is involved in food and hospitality businesses, precisely the specialty of Onieva who, according to Ana Rosa’s program, is creating a restaurant company after having served as public relations for famous restaurants such as Tatel and Totó.

El Turronero is also highly appreciated for his philanthropic work: he invested in a psychology center in Seville and another oncology center in Córdoba. In addition, he presides over the López Mariscal Foundation, from which he directs a multitude of charities aimed at helping the most needy people.

A very busy year

Onieva worked for the Mabel Hospitality group, a restaurant company that has such well-known partners as Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol and Enrique Iglesias. She joined in November 2021, a few months before being involved in several scandals due to infidelities and bad nighttime habits, controversies that the people in charge of her at the time did not like and that led them to make a blunt decision: dismissal. It took place in May 2023.

Since then, there have been several rumors linking Iñigo Onieva with other business groups, for example, with the legendary Café Gijón, a signing that those in charge themselves had to deny. His wife, Tamara Falcó, announced a few days ago: “Iñigo doesn’t like me talking about his projects publicly but he has a very nice one that is about to come out.”