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Los niños pueden aprender valiosas lecciones comprando con sus padres.

A new survey by shopping platform Slickdeals shows that leaving children at home when parents go shopping can save them significant amounts of money.

In a study of 2,000 American parents, it was found that 2 out of 3 parents said that shopping with their children tends to be more expensive than shopping alone, as individual visits cost an average of $133, while going with children costs an average of $179 dollars.

The survey revealed that for 65%, going alone allows them to buy different things in different stores than when their children are around. When shopping alone, parents search for groceries (44%), beauty products (42%), electronics (40%), and clothing (38%).

However, 35% stated that shopping with their children costs them more, since 44% of parents bribe their children to behave while they go shopping. 18% said they have managed to bribe their children with cash if they behave well.

It was also discovered that children were carried away by sweets (37%), snacks (36%) and toys (34%). One in four parents who bribed even stated that their efforts “always” work.

The survey also found that 59% of parents shop both online and in stores with their children. Many parents view shopping with their children as an opportunity for their family to come together. 44% prefer to shop in a physical store and 12% prefer to link while shopping online.

It was also discovered that shopping together gives kids a chance to spend their hard-earned money. Of the 61% of parents who give their children an allowance, 78% of them let their children spend their money however they see fit.

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Three in five (62%) turn the shared shopping experience into a lesson for their childrenshowing them the value of a dollar (62%), the difference between what is necessary and what is pleasant (58%), patience (50%) and how to search for deals (50%).

Shopping with kids seems to cost more for parents, but there are valuable money lessons that can be learned through experience.said Louie Patterson, Slickdeals’ personal finance manager. “Including your children in everyday purchasing decisions and in discussions about larger purchases is a great way to teach them the value of a dollar.”

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