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This studypublished in The World Journal of Men’s Health, brought together data from 75 studies, having measured the size of penises, carried out between 1942 and 2021, representing the measurements of nearly 55,761 men. The researchers found that the medium length of an erect member had gone from 12.1cm in 1992 to 15.24cm in 2021. However, this increase in penis size is not considered good news. According to Professor Michael Eisenberg, lead author of the study, this sharp increase in the size of the male member could be linked to exposure of the body to chemicals such as pesticides or some hygiene products.

Endocrine disruptors as possible culprits

Endocrine disruptors, present in these everyday products, can affect genital development, male and reproductive health. Endocrine disruptors are substances which, even at low doses, can alter the functioning of the hormonal system And disrupt development and reproduction in animals and humans. They are found in many common products such as plastics, hygiene products, pesticides or in processed foods (source 1).

“These endocrine-disrupting chemicals exist in our environment and in our diet. As we change the constitution of our bodies, this also affects our hormonal environment,” explains Professor Eisenberg.

These substances are already suspected of causing earlier puberty, which can also affect genital development. Based on these findings, the team plans to conduct additional studies to better understand this phenomenon and its implications. However, this study does not prove that endocrine disruptors are the direct cause of increased penis size. However, this underlines the need for further research on the effects of these substances on reproductive health and sex hormone levels.

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