Illegal injection: she almost lost her nose after an injection of hyaluronic acid | The USA Print

In pursuit of the perfect face, Fadila practiced numerous aesthetic medicine operations : injections in the forehead, lips and nose. The injectors who gave him these injections abound on social networks,without real training or diplomabut with prices more attractive. Fadila has almost lost his nosewhich happened necrosis after an injection of hyaluronic acid in one of the many clandestine surgeries in France. Fadila filmed her intervention where we see the injector proceed: no hygiene measures, no gloves during the injection, nothing is done properly. A few months later, she went to Dr. Kestemont, with the left wing of her nose black and necrotic.

Without adequate and prompt treatment, Fadila could have ended up with a gaping hole where his nose was. The treatment lasted three weeks and was extremely painful. The blood vessels were clogged by pieces of injected product, which stopped blood circulation, leading to necrosis. To fragment and dissolve these fragments of hyaluronic acid, Dr. Kestemont injected an enzyme in Fadila’s nose, and this, three times a day for three weeks consecutive. The patient almost gave up, but she considers herself happy today to have kept her nose and can easily make up the scar. Nevertheless, she is very sorry his clandestine intervention and his smile (source 1).

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