ICE will make it easier for immigrants in deportation proceedings to change their address | The USA Print

ICE agregará una opción más fácil para reportar cambio de dirección.

The office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will add an online form so that immigrants can report the change of address and avoid problems in their processes.

Immigrants will be able to fill out the new form online, although the agency maintains the same procedure in person –directly at the office– and by telephone.

“This new form gives non-citizens the option of update your information online in addition to the existing options to do so by phone or in person,” the agency said.

It is important to remember that immigrants who are under ICE registration and awaiting a decision from the immigration court must report the change of address.

“This is another critical innovation to improve immigration enforcement and increase the efficiency of the process,” said Tae D. Johnson, ICE Deputy Director and Acting Senior Director.

“The new online address change tool will make it easier for non-citizens to update their address, which will reduce administrative time required in the immigration process. This tool also automates a task that is normally performed by an officer, allowing them to focus on managing and processing those who are awaiting proceedings,” she said.

There are some additional instructions that the system will offer, such as reminding the immigrant if he is in deportation proceedings and his case is in court, since then he must also make the change of address in the corresponding court.

“The online interactive form will show the non-citizen information about how to also change their address with the immigration court, as needed,” it said.

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This will be using the EOIR-33 form of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), which can be sent by mail, delivered in person at the immigration court or submitted through the online system, with the corresponding account.

“To process an address change online, the system requires a full name, an A number (immigration case) and a validated non-business address,” it was said.

There is not yet a date on that new system.

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