Hundreds of pounds of pasta were dumped on the edge of a creek in New Jersey. | The USA Print

Cientos de libras de pasta fueron arrojados en los bosques de Nueva Jersey.

Hundreds of pounds of pasta including noodles, elbow and spaghetti were dumped in the woods in New Jersey’s Old Bridge Township.

Community leader Nina Jochnowitz posted on Facebook photos of the scene where the mountain of pasta dumped near the park can be seen.

It is not yet known who was responsible for causing such contamination in the city forest; however, Jochnowitz accused the current city administration of negligence for failing to properly collect garbage.

Jochnowitz, who lost in the city council race, estimated that approximately 500 pounds of pasta would have been wasted. He considered that it has a PH level that will affect the flow of water.

After the exposure of photos on social networks and the debate generated from what they considered waste and negligence, the leader Nina reported that public works collected the mountain of pasta from the forest hours after its initial publication.

The pasta appeared to be cooked, however the pasta was raw, but the moisture began to soften it, explained the municipality’s spokesman, Himanshu Shah in an email, published the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It is not clear if Public Works used a giant strainer or a ladle. “The municipality heard or read the feedback and responded by doing a quick cleanup of the river basin and the pasta dump,” Nina said.

For their part, users in the networks wrote a number of comments and sarcasm on the matter of spaghetti and noodles.

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“Could someone have tripped and dropped their pocket spaghetti?” another noted: “It was the expiration date of the pasta.”

Some have played on the words “We should send the perpetrators to the state penne tentiary”.

Some questioned how did the pasta get there? Who brought it? Because? is unknown. for his part, Jochnowitz said “Mission Impastable”.

The mess could be the fault of Strega Nona, the subject of the children’s book written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola, and her sidekick, Big Anthony, who makes their magic pasta pot create an overabundance of pasta that nearly floods an entire town,” said one Internet user, and another answers:

“No, it’s clearly Big Anthony. Strega Nona would NEVER let pasta go to waste like this.”
The origin of the paste has not been publicly revealed.

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