How to use my 3D Meta avatar in WhatsApp video calls? | The USA Print

How to use my 3D Meta avatar in WhatsApp video calls?

How to use my 3D Meta avatar in WhatsApp video calls? | The USA Print

Little by little, new aspects of the metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg’s company promotes with the help of its shareholders are emerging. At the moment, we do not know how this new virtual world will work in detail, but we do know some of the possible applications that the user avatars will have. If you use Instagram or Facebook Messenger regularly, you may have noticed that you can already use these memoji with human appearance, fundamentally, in the form of stickers static and animated in your conversations and stories. Now, the technological giant is working on a greater integration of these avatars in the messaging application par excellence: WhatsApp.

As advanced by the digital media specialized in technology WaBetaInfo, Meta is already testing a beta version of the Android application that incorporates WhatsApp calls with 3D avatars. Think about it for a moment! This new function, which will replace your face with that of your virtual counterpart, can be very useful if you are in a hurry to show yourself in front of the camera. Whether it’s because you have an imminent work meeting and you haven’t had time to comb your hair, or simply because you have a fun time with your closest friends, 3D avatars seem to be a powerful resource with which to get closer to users. to the experiences that will be able to live soon within the metaverse.

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In future updates

Apparently, the intention of the Silicon Valley company is to introduce video calls with 3D avatars in future WhatsApp updates. In fact, the WaBetaInfo portal has leaked what the new application interface would look like in its Android version. In this way, it is likely that very soon we will be able to see how our avatar emulates our gestures and even, as a novelty, the movements we make with our hands when we talk ‘face to face’ with our contacts. Stay tuned!

What does the application need for the user to access this new feature? Very easy! A selfie of ours and make a few small adjustments to the application commands, as it won’t be as easy as pressing a button after picking up.

How to activate using your 3D avatar in video calls


If you use WhatsApp from your Android mobile, you must access the application settings and select the “Face and hand effects” section. Once inside, you will activate this option.


Next, a window will pop up for you to accept the privacy policy. Next, the app will create your 3D avatar from your face.


Once the above is done, activate the option “Whatsapp calls with avatars”. Thus, every time you make a video call, a button called “Switch to avatar” will appear on the screen to replace your face.

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