How to use green fabric in Instagram story to change background image

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You can use the Green Screen filter to alter or create two stories on Instagram (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

The Instagram green fabric filter is a resource that allows you to change the recording background of Stories by another photo or video from the gallery of your device. To use this technique, you must select the “Green Screen” filter, offered directly with the Instagram app.

On the social network, breeders usually use the resource of green fabric for educational content, in which they explain a subject and use the images of the video background to illustrate. However, it is also used for entertainment, not like people referring to memes, for example.

Below, see how to find and use the green fabric on Instagram to record Stories with a fund.

1. Open the Instagram camera to create a new Story

Open the Instagram app on your cell phone and tap the blue icon with the “+” sign next to your profile photo on the top left corner of the screen. Then touch “Camera” to open your cell phone camera and add a story.

Print the Instagram application shows how to open the camera to create a story

2. Role or filter selector right or left end

Scroll through the filter options to the left until the “Explore Effects” option appears.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to access the "Explore effects" area

3. Tap “Browse effects” to open the effects gallery

Select the “Browse Effects” option to view the gallery of effects on Instagram Stories.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to access the "Explore effects" area

4. Tap the magnifying glass icon to search for green fabric

Tap the magnifying glass icon, on the left side of the canvas, to view the green Instagram fabric filter.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to search for new effects for Stories

5. Type “Green Screen” and look for the official Instagram filter

Touch the “Research effects” field, at the top of the screen, and type “Green Screen”. Role to find the official Instagram filter.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to research hair effectively Green Screen for Stories

6. Touch the Story screen to continue recording

Touch the story preview screen with the “Green Screen” filter, at the top of the screen, to return to the content creation screen.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to select the Green Screen effect for Stories

7. Use the “Alter Background Plane” button to place a background on the recording

Touch the “Alter Background Plan” button, at the bottom of the screen, to change to the background image of the story. Choose between the suggested options for Instagram (“Dinners”) or the saved media on your cell phone (“Gallery”) and touch the top to select. After touching the preview image, at the top of the cloth, to turn to the recording cloth.

Print the Instagram application shows how to change the image background using the Green Screen filter in our stories

Before recording the story, use the pinch motion with your fingers to resize and position your image in the scene. Finally, tap the green button to take a photo or secure the button to record a video for Stories.

Print the Instagram application shows how to redirect the image using the Green Screen filter in stories

Can you change the video background during the recording of the Story with green fabric on Instagram?

It is not possible to change background images during story recording using the green cloth filter. However, one solution is to use a video soon with the background switches to record the video or record individual Stories for each background switch.

Is it possible to record more than 60 seconds with a green fabric in Instagram Story?

It is only possible to record 60-second videos in Instagram Stories, regardless of the filter or resource that is being used. Alternatively, people can record a reel for 90 seconds using the social network's official Green Screen filter.

What is the difference between the green fabric of the Story and the Reels on Instagram?

The green fabric in our Reels and our Stories does not differ. Meanwhile, in addition to using different ways to create the content, the user can explore available resources just to create a reel. For example:

  • Produce a video with a duration of 90 seconds;
  • Create a single reel with different funds. Simply record the video in separate parts and alter the background of each clip.

Important: The Green Screen filter on Instagram does not remove the background of early videos. People also cannot alter the background of a content after it is finalized.

How to use green fabric in Instagram story to change background image

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