How to temporarily deactivate Instagram

Conheça or step by step to give a tempo on Instagram (Imagem: Vitor Pádua/The USA Print)

Deactivating account from Instagram is a solution to exit the social network without needing to exclude account. O Instagram allows users to deactivate without a period to reactivate.

The effect of deactivating Instagram is also to automatically exclude: the profile will disappear from the social network. Contudo, or Instagram allows deactivated accounts to be reactivated at any time, restoring all content that was “frozen”.

Next, here's how to temporarily deactivate Instagram:

How to deactivate or Instagram cell hair

1. Open your Instagram profile

Open the Instagram application on your Android or iPhone (iOS) cell phone and tap your photo, at the bottom right, to access your profile on the social network.

Print of the Instagram application indicates how to access your own profile on the social network

2. Access “Settings and privacy” of Instagram

Tap the icon with three horizontal rocks, at the top edge directly, to access the main menu of Instagram. Then, tap the “Settings and Privacy” option to see more social network resources.

Prints of the Instagram application indicate how to access the "Settings and privacy" menu

3. Tap “Account Center” to view details of your account at the Goal

Tap the “Account Center” option to access more information about your registration at the Target.

Print of the Instagram application indicates how to access the Central de Contas da Meta

4. Access “Personal Dice” on Instagram

Open the app screen to find the “Account Settings” section and tap the “Personal Data” option to see more details to pause Instagram account.

Prints of the Instagram application indicate how to access the "People's Data" menu

5. Tap “Desactivation or exclusion” from your Instagram profile

Select the “Property and Account Control” option and then tap the “Disable or Exclude” option to continue with the process to freeze Instagram.

Prints of the Instagram application indicate how to access the "Deactivation or exclusion" menu

6. Choose which Instagram account you want to “freeze”

Select which Instagram profile is connected to your account Meta you wish to temporarily disable and tap on top of it.

Print of the Instagram application shows how to select the profile to temporarily deactivate

7. Tap “Disable Account” on Instagram

Select the “Deactivate account” option to temporarily disable Instagram. Then, touch the blue “Continue” button, on the bottom edge of the fabric, to advance.

Prints of the Instagram application indicate how to Deactivate the account on the social network

8. Insira a senha to continue and freeze or Instagram

Insira sua senha para pause a Instagram account temporarily. Finally, touch the blue “Continue” button, in the center of the fabric, to conclude.

Prints of the Instagram application indicate how to Deactivate the account on the social network

How to deactivate Instagram hair on PC

Access the following link to deactivate Instagram:

Print the browser accessing the page to deactivate it immediately on Instagram

2. Faça login in your Instagram account on your computer

Be sure to log in to your Instagram account if you want to take a while.

Print the browser by accessing the home page of the Instagram web version

3. Answer “Why are you deactivating your conta?”

Select the answers available on the suspense menu next to the Instagram question “Why are you deactivating your account?”

Print your browser showing how to respond or why you are deactivating your Instagram profile

4. Determine the time to automatically reactivate Instagram

If you select the response “This is temporary. “Eu voltarei”, you can choose the freezing time of Instagram (from 1 to 7 days) or the option “Do not reactivate automatically”.

Print your browser showing automatically reactivate from Instagram on PC

5. Insira senha to continue with the process of disabling Instagram

Enter your Instagram link in the field next to the phrase “To continue, click on your link again.”

Print the browser showing how to enter senha to temporarily deactivate Instagram

6. Tap “Temporarily Disable Accounts” to conclude

Finally, go to the social network page and touch the blue button “Disable account temporarily” to give time to Instagram.

Print the browser showing how to temporarily disable Instagram

Can you deixar or Instagram deactivated for how long?

Instagram does not impose a maximum period to reactivate your account on the social network. You can deactivate the profile for how long you want to be attached to the platform.

How to deactivate Instagram permanently?

You can deactivate Instagram account to always keep the contents of your profile (username, posts and interactions). Another option is to permanently exclude Instagram to turn off all profile data. Now, you will make your “at” available for other users.

What is the difference between deactivating and excluding on Instagram?

When you deactivate Instagram, it is possible to return to the social network using the same account. Já when you exclude the profile, all the data are turned off and it is necessary to create an account with Instagram if you want to return to the platform.

Or what happens to deactivate Instagram?

When you activate Instagram, your profile and its contents (photos, videos, comments and videos) are hidden on the social network. No person can find or see your data by reactivating the registry on the platform.

Consequently, when Instagram is disabled, you lose the level of engagement and gain new followers due to a lack of activity on the social network. The longer the pause time, the greater the negative impact on profile metrics.

Why is everything deactivated on Instagram?

No. You will not lose your profile data by deactivating Instagram. Your username, photos, videos and direct messages will be recovered when you log in again to your social network account.

Or what appears for people when you use Instagram?

When you see a message from a disabled profile in the DM box, people will see the title “Instagram User” and a generic profile image (icon in tons of gray). By tapping on “View Profile”, people will access an empty page with no details in the bio. Also, messages sent for this profile will not be delivered.

Prints of the Instagram application show how a profile is disabled on the social network

Is it possible to deactivate someone who has already died?

Sim. You can deactivate the Instagram of someone who died. To enter into contact with the social network support team, it is possible to transform the profile into a memorial for tributes or just remove it.

Why can't I deactivate Instagram?

There are some quests that we can prevent you from deactivating on Instagram. The most common things are:

  • Professional profile: Instagram has a more rigid process to deactivate business and breeder accounts due to security issues. In certain cases, it will be necessary to revert the profile for a personal account;
  • Pending actions: The platform prevents you from deactivating the profile if it has a pending action. For example, an advertising campaign is in progress. It is necessary to solve this quest to be able to pause on count;
  • Safety measures: Instagram may block the option to disable if suspicious activities are detected. For example, several login attempts made on different devices in a short space of time;
  • Technical problems: In some cases, momentary bugs in the mobile app or web version may prevent the user from deactivating accounts on the social network.

How to reactivate on Instagram

You can reactivate Instagram at any time by logging into the social network. Your profile, your information and old interactions will leave hidden accounts and other users will be able to find you again.

How to temporarily deactivate Instagram

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