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How to take care of your nails and make a perfect manicure at home

Here I present some steps to take care of your nails and make a manicure perfect at home:

Prepare your nails: Remove any traces of old nail polish with nail polish remover. Soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes to soften your cuticles, then use a cuticle nipper or orange stick to gently remove dead skin around your nails.

Shape your nails: Use a nail clipper or file to shape your nails. Be sure to follow the natural shape of your nails and avoid filing too hard to prevent nail weakness.

Apply a base coat: Apply a base coat to protect your nails from the chemicals in the polish and to extend the life of the color. Let dry for a few minutes before applying polish.

Apply the polish: Use the polish brush to apply an even coat of color to each nail. Start at the center of the nail and work out to the sides. If you need a second coat, wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.

Apply the top coat: Use a top coat to seal in the color and to prevent chipping. Apply an even coat and allow to dry completely.

Moisturize your hands: Use a moisturizing cream to keep your hands soft and prevent dryness.

Remember that the key to making a manicure perfect is patience and practice. If you make an effort, you can do it yourself at home without having to go to a beauty salon.

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