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How to shorten a shirt with this simple Tik Tok trick

Tik tok is an unlimited source of style tips and tricks. From how to know the correct size for jeans and bras without having to go through the fitting room to ways to style a garment to give it a whole new look. Everything is made up and collected on the social platform.

The last trick that has gone viral this week is that of the influencer nicknamed Ierapaperlight on the social network to give a shirt a completely new cut. The tik toker, who triumphs for her videos on styling and fashion, demonstrates in a brief but very explanatory video how to wear a basic shirt in such a way that it looks like a croptop.

In the tutorial, which has already accumulated close to 3,000 likes, the influencer turns her shirt around and buttons it upside down, that is, the bottom part on her chest. After reaching the lower part of the chest – or to the extent that one wants – the arms are introduced into the sleeves and the upper part of the shirt is just buttoned.

“Piece of idea”, “I had never thought of it” or “you can be one of the best designers, you have some brutal ideas”, are just some of the thousands of comments that the influencer has received for this easy style trick, capable of to transform any shirt into a totally new piece.

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