How to see the status of your Instagram account

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The status of Instagram is a transparency tool that allows you to discover if your profile violates the community guidelines of the social network. This resource is located within the application support section for Android or iPhone.

To verify the status of Instagram account, it is possible to see which contents are violated as directors or which resources are limited by these violations.

From now on, it is possible to take some actions to normalize on Instagram, such as removing the content or making an appeal to Instagram to request a new review.

Next, know how to see the status of Instagram:

1. Access your Instagram profile

Open the Instagram app on your Android phone or iPhone and touch your photo, at the bottom right of the screen, to access your profile on the social network.

Screenshot of the Instagram application shows how to access the user's profile on the social network

2. Open the main menu of Instagram

Tap the icon with three horizontal rocks, at the top edge directly, to open the main Instagram menu.

Screenshot of the Instagram application shows how to access the main menu of the social network

3. Tap “Settings and privacy” on Instagram

Tap the “Settings and Privacy” option to see more Instagram features.

Screenshot of the Instagram application shows how to access the "Settings and privacy" menu

4. Access “Status da conta” to know about your Instagram profile

Scroll down the Instagram application screen to find the “More information and support” section and then tap the “Contact Status” option.

Screenshots of the Instagram application show how to access the "Contatus Status" option

5. Check your status on Instagram

The new screen will show information about the status of your Instagram account.

If all options are shown as the green check icon (✓), this means that on your own you are following the Platform Community Guidelines. If there are more options available with a red triangle icon with an exclamation mark, touch the top of it to get more details:

  • Removed content: inform the content removed for not complying with the Diretrizes da Comunidade do Instagram;
  • Or that it cannot be recommended: reveal your profile details and/or two contents that prevent them from being recommended for non-followers in the “Explore”, “Search”, “Suggested Users”, “Reels” or “Feed Recommendations” sections;
  • Resources that you cannot use: highlights the platform's functions – commenting, tanning, following and live streaming – which are restricted because the profile does not comply with the platform's directives;
  • Monetization: Exclusive option for professional accounts, indicates which policies or your profile is not being followed and is restricting access to monetization tools.
Screenshots of the Instagram application show how the options of the "Contatus Status" section

Why do I have something wrong like the status of my account on Instagram?

The negative status indicates a violation of the terms of use of Instagram. For example, a publication or something in your profile, such as a photo or information in your bio, may be in disagreement with the Community Directorates of the social network. This can also occur in a report reported on Instagram or in a specific analysis on its own platform.

Or what happens if you have something wrong in your Instagram status?

If a publication violates the directives of the Instagram community, the content will have the scope of the engajamento reduced to being edited to adapt to the rules of the platform. However, people must not make any alterations or exclude the post, or the content may be removed from the social network.

Instagram may restrict some functions in cases of violation of terms of use. If so, the profile may stop appearing in the recommendation section or in the search on the social network. The resources for tanning, following, commenting and making lives can also be limited.

If the user is restricted from continuing to infringe the Instagram community guidelines, he or she will be subject to suspension. The platform remove access to the profile temporarily or permanently.

Can you revert the status of Instagram?

Sim. You can appeal to review the alleged content that violates the guidelines of the Instagram community. When the social network indicates that there has been something wrong with a publication, for example, it also displays the “Request an analysis” option.

If Instagram understands that you made a mistake in your decision, or removed content will be restored to your profile. As such, any restrictions caused by alleged violation of the directives will be withdrawn.

How to see the status of your Instagram account

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