How to monetize your profile with subscriptions on Instagram

How to monetize your profile with subscriptions on Instagram

If you are looking for information on how to activate the Subscriptions function on Instagram for your profile and increase your earnings, you are in the right place. In this article, I will explain step by step how to activate Subscriptions on Instagram and use them to offer exclusive content to your followers.

Let's begin…

What are subscriptions on Instagram

If you want to monetize your Instagram profile and offer exclusive content to your followers, the Subscriptions feature is a perfect option: it allows you to monetize your profile by offering exclusive content to your followers in exchange for a monthly payment. Recently launched in the US, this feature has become a popular option for content creators and businesses who want to monetize their profile and offer exclusive content as:

  • Live videos reserved for subscribers
  • Stories reserved for subscribers
  • Badges reserved for subscribers
  • Posts reserved for subscribers
  • Reels reserved for subscribers
  • Group chats reserved for subscribers
  • Broadcast channels reserved for subscribers

How to activate the subscriptions function on Instagram

As you can read, there are so many contents that you can offer to your community and the limit is only your imagination! Although at the moment this feature is currently available only in the USAI will arrive in Italy soon too!

NOTE: it is important to underline that the contents produced within the Subscriptions are of a commercial nature and therefore, it will not be possible to use music other than that present in the Facebook library (therefore NO copyrighted music!). This is an important requirement to keep in mind when creating content for Subscriptions.

How to activate subscriptions on your Instagram profile – all the steps

Here's how to activate the Instagram Subscriptions feature on your profile:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Access yours Dashboard for professionals and look for the “Configure subscription” button (you can also find it in your profile settings within the Company or Creator section)
  3. Follow the steps to set up the Subscriptions feature, accepting the terms and conditions.
  4. Choose the price for your subscription and use the simulator to estimate your monthly revenues based on the price and the number of your followers.

These are the steps to activate the Subscriptions feature on your Instagram profile and start monetizing your content. Before starting your configuration, I recommend you read the next paragraph!

Activate subscriptions on Instagram

How to increase subscription sales on Instagram

Once you activate your subscription on your profile, Instagram offers you four ways to increase the visibility and sales of your subscription.

  1. Notifications: as soon as you create your subscription, all your followers will receive a notification. This is a great way to let those who already follow you (and therefore more likely to purchase) know that you have a new subscription available.

  2. “Subscribe” button: anyone who visits your profile will see a new “Subscribe” button next to the “follow” button. This makes it easy for your followers to know that there is a subscription available and allows them to subscribe with just a few clicks.
  3. Free Preview: you can decide to unlock up to 3 contents visible to all your followers in order to encourage the purchase of your subscription on Instagram. As if it were a sort of free trial of what they will find by subscribing.
  4. Promotion and welcome reel: One of the most significant advantages of Instagram subscriptions is the ability to create promotional and welcome reels to increase sales.

The fourth point deserves further investigation.

These reels are a great opportunity to promote your membership and increase sales. Additionally, they allow you to personalize your subscription offering and provide a more engaging experience to your subscribers. The promotion reel will be shown in the feed all your followers to encourage them to purchase the subscription, while the welcome reel will be shown only to subscribers to thank them and provide additional information about their subscription.

Examples Promotional reels could be: a private workout video or a behind-the-scenes story. While examples of welcome reels could be: an overview of the benefits of the subscription or a video in which you ask to comment with a question that you will answer later with exclusive content.

My advise is to prepare this content before activating the subscription, so that you can add it immediately during creation. By doing so, on the one hand the notifications and the promotion reel will be activated at the same time, on the other all new subscribers will see the welcome reel, thus reducing immediate renewal cancellations!

How to change the price: what you need to know

The price of your subscription is a key element for your business on Instagram, since influence the acquisition of new subscribers and the loyalty of existing ones. When you decide to change the price of your subscription, it is important to know that the new price will only apply to new subscribers. This means those who have already purchased the subscription they will continue to pay at the old price until the subscription expires.

To optimize your Instagram business, it's important to carefully consider the new price, taking into account the costs and benefits. For example, if you want to increase the price, it is important to offer value-added content that justify the price increase. Furthermore, it is important to communicate the price change in a manner clear and transparent to their followers for avoid any misunderstandings.

Warning: the same reasoning will also be necessary if you decide to reduce the price…

Requirements to activate the subscriptions function on Instagram

Having reached this point I imagine you can't wait for this function to arrive in Italy and for you to be able to activate it, so you are wondering whether everyone will be able to activate it or just some profiles.

The Subscriptions feature on Instagram is an available option only for some selected profiles. In order to activate this feature, your profile must meet certain requirements:

  1. Your profile must comply with Instagram guidelines, which means it must not have any reports, bans or removed content. You can check this by going to your profile settings > Account > Account Status.
  2. Your profile must be a business profile or a Creator profile. You can change the profile type by accessing your profile settings > Account > scroll to the bottom of the words “switch to business or creator profile”
  3. You must have at least 100,000 followers to activate the Subscriptions function.
  4. Finally, you must be at least 18 years old.

I know, as soon as you read 100,000 followers you probably thought of an expletive. Maybe in dialect, because we know they always come out better. What I want to tell you is that although this limit is reported in the official Instagram guidelines, in reality in the United States there are already profiles that have activated Subscriptions on Instagram despite not having 100,000 followers.

Hope is the last to die!

Ps if you want to learn more about other ways Instagram will pay creators, read this article!

If you are curious to see a preview of how the contents will be shown to subscribers and how their comments and messages will be indicated, look here.

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