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With its 740 million professional users, LinkedIn remains a particularly useful social network for your B2B marketing. Your company’s LinkedIn page is really a place where your customers, prospects, and partners can go to get to know your company a little more. It is a place where you will be able to attract and communicate with all those people who revolve around your business.

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But before you get to that, you need to take care of your business page. To do well, follow our advice…

1. Make your LinkedIn company profile a success

This is where it all begins! If creating your company profile is a simple process, optimizing it becomes crucial. First step, the logo and the cover photo.

The cover photo

This is what visitors will see first when they come to your page on LinkedIn.

Unlike other social networks, where a colorful visual or your team photo works, on LinkedIn you can be more sober.

An image with a minimalist background that promotes your services or features a job offer is more than enough. Think of a simple cover photo, without extravagance, but which illustrates your activity at a glance.

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Regardless of your choice, your LinkedIn cover photo should be different from your other social networks. It is neither the same audience nor the same editorial objectives.

The “About” section

This is not a biography but a brief description of your company.

Your LinkedIn profile, and specifically the “About” section, is a great place to tell your brand story. This is where you should highlight your main value proposition as well as your other value propositions and briefly explain how you are doing to achieve your goal.

Enrich it with keywords specific to your sector of activity, with essential information on your services.

The “People” section

This part contains statistics on your employees: their place of residence, their academic training as well as their roles and skills. Their profiles are also displayed, to allow potential prospects to contact them directly.

The objective of this section is to humanize your company, while enhancing the skills of your team.

2. The content of your LinkedIn company page

On LinkedIn, you produce content that simultaneously appeals to your customers, your employees, future recruits and even your competitors. Adding to this challenge is the flood of posts in the user feed.

55 million companies are on LinkedIn. You must therefore produce content that will allow you to stand out.

Offer content that encourages interaction

Make room for debate by asking questions that will elicit comments. Publish articles that include links to your website or blog post, adding a clear call-to-action.

For example :

  • To learn more, click here!
  • Follow the link to find out all about it.
  • Download our guide!
  • Visit our site for…

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Show your influence

To attract potential customers, publish your results and customer case studies.

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Also remember to make videos of events in which you participate, to share your conferences or webinars.

From time to time, offer content other than promotional, which speaks of the culture of your company, to play on the emotion of your subscribers.

Involve your employees

Highlight your collaborators on your LinkedIn page. This practice allows you to highlight your human side, while increasing the reach of your publications.

In fact, by using your employees’ contacts, you will reach more users with your content on LinkedIn.

We talked about it above, video plays a crucial role in building loyalty and gaining new subscribers. From educational videos to advertisements, you need to bet on video content if you want to make a name for yourself on LinkedIn.

Create an editorial calendar

Finally, establish a posting schedule to ensure an active presence on LinkedIn. However, pay attention to the hours of publication! On LinkedIn, the news feed is consulted during office hours. However, you will need to experiment and analyze your data to refine your strategy.

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Don’t just talk about yourself

Putting oneself forward is also putting others forward. In content marketing and in particular on social networks, even professionals, it is important to know how to let others speak.

For every information you share about yourself (here, about your business), you must share content that does not necessarily concern you directly.

Share information about your industry, highlight the profiles of your employees, introduce your partners or talk about your satisfied customers…

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This shows that you remain an expert in your field of activity and that you are constantly on the lookout for what is published.

Share media that inspires

It is possible to share many types of content on LinkedIn: videos, photos, infographics, files… But, whatever content you want to share, it is very important to diversify your content and above all to bring qualitative and attractive content.

Your images must have a good resolution, your infographics must be readable. The rendering must be clean and the information must have serious sources.


By following these few tips, your LinkedIn page will be ready to win new customers.

If LinkedIn imposes more seriousness than other social networks, remember to be yourself and stay true to the image of your company. What is important, as on many social networks, is to provide relevant content, and this regularly.

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