How to make figurines for WhatsApp on Android, iPhone and PC

As WhatsApp figures there are animated images or stickers that can be sent in messages in conversations with your friends. These so-called “Stickers” are used to express emotions, sentiments, or just to add a touch of fun to conversations.

They are similar to emojis, but many times they have a more detailed design and can include characters, popular memes, funny quotes and a variety of other visual elements.

Users can create figures for WhatsApp in a personalized way on Android, iPhone or PC, even using third-party applications, its own operating system or WhatsApp Web. See details below

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How to create figurines on WhatsApp on Android

The simplest way to make figures for WhatsApp on Android is via application. See details below.

1. Baixe or application in Play Store

Access the Play Store and face or download the “” app. The application is used to create figurines and import them to WhatsApp for free.

2. Faça login com o Facebook ou Google

You need to log in via Facebook or use your Google account to be able to use the app. If you do not want to log in now, touch “X”.

3. Tap the + button to make a figure for WhatsApp

At the start of the app, tap the “+” button to start creating a sticker for WhatsApp.

4. Select between “Normal” or “Animated”

The user can create static or animated figures for WhatsApp. Escolha or type to continue.

5. Choose a photo or video that you want to transform into a figurine

You need to select an image or video to transform your WhatsApp figure.

6. Define the file size to advance

In case of video, select the animation duration tempo to continue.

7. Edit your figure before saving offers various editing options. It is possible to add new images, save messages, add emojis or remove the background of an object.

8. Save the figurinha in a personalized paste

As soon as you finish editing, tap the “Save” button to continue.

9. Tap the figure to save it on WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp figure will be saved in a personalized paste. Touch to send it to the messenger.

10. Select the “Add to WhatsApp” option

Finally, select the “Add to WhatsApp” button and confirm to import the figure you created.

How to make WhatsApp figurines on iPhone

To create WhatsApp figurines on iPhone, you do not need to install apps, since iOS 17 users have access to tools natively in messages. See details below.

1. Open a conversation on WhatsApp

2. Select the WhatsApp figurine icon

Open the message sticker section to access the native WhatsApp sticker editor.

3. Tap the “+” button to create a figure on WhatsApp

The figurine creation tool within WhatsApp itself is available for iOS 17 or higher.

4. Choose an image that you want to transform into a figurine

The application will open the gallery of your smartphone. Define an image to transform the figure.

5. Edit your new figure

It is possible to edit your figure by adding texts, emojis or other images.

6. Tap the button to send the figure to WhatsApp

If the sticker is available soon, select the button to send to the figurinha.

How to create figurines on WhatsApp on PC

O WhatsApp also allows you to make figurines on your computer or on WhatsApp Web. Saiba as below.

1. Open WhatsApp Web

Access the Web version of the messages and face login with your account.

2. Select a WhatsApp conversation

Open a WhatsApp conversation to view the figurine creation tool.

3. Click the + button

Select the “+” button to access WhatsApp resources.

4. Select the “New figurinha” option

The tool offers options for creating figurines for WhatsApp natively without messaging.

5. Choose an image that you want to transform into a figurine

Define an image from your computer and click “Open”.

6. Edit your WhatsApp figure

As well as third-party apps, WhatsApp also offers editing options for users. It is possible to crop the image, add photos, emojis and texts, as well as the option to remove the background of objects.

7. Send to another WhatsApp user

As soon as you finish editing, click the button to send the figure to another user.

Other applications to create WhatsApp figurines

Besides, it is possible to make stickers for WhatsApp in other applications available in the App Store and Play Store. Sticker Maker, Mirror Stickers and Stickify are some examples of apps that can be downloaded for free. They all offer similar resources and are also capable of importing figurines created for your WhatsApp account.

Where do you save all the figurinhas maids on WhatsApp?

The figurines created by you are saved on the figurinhas page of your WhatsApp. Access a conversation in the message and touch the figurine icon to display all the saved stickers on your account.

Is it possible to download figurines created by other users on WhatsApp?

Sim, the user can download figures for WhatsApp directly from the messages, or in applications or sites that make packs of stickers available. The app offers a series of figurine packages that can be downloaded in just a few steps. Simply install the application, find the designs you want to add and import the figures into your WhatsApp.

Is it possible to turn off figures that are not in use on my WhatsApp?

If the user manages to turn off any figure in their WhatsApp. Simply access the figurinhas page in the message, touch the “+” button and open the “Minhas figurinhas” section. Next, simply exclude the stickers that you no longer want to use.

However, it is important to note that a figure that is part of a package cannot be turned off individually. In these cases, it is necessary to turn off or pack everything. If you want to turn off a package, but hold one or more figures of the device, just hold down on the figure and touch “Add favorites”.

Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp figures to other social networks?

Sim. You can transfer your WhatsApp figures to Telegram, for example. In this case, the user needs to export the WhatsApp stickers and use a non-Telegram command to import the files.

How to make figurines for WhatsApp on Android, iPhone and PC

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