How to download Instagram reels from the social network app itself

Instagram Reels (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)
Instagram Reels (Image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Opting to download Reels on Instagram allows you to make or download videos from the social network to the cell phone gallery without going through third-party services, starting from the app sharing menu.

Despite the practicality, this process adds a watermark as the name of the profile whose video was downloaded, to give credits to the author of the reel.

Also, some Reels videos may be unavailable for download. This is the case of a reel published by private account, for example.

To continue, or Technoblog explains how to download a reel from the Instagram app and gives more details about the restrictions on downloading native videos on the platform.

1. Access or Reels that allow you to download Instagram

Open the Instagram app and find the reel you want to download. You can choose a reel in Feed, in the Reels section or go directly to the profile you posted or video, as shown in the image below.

Print the Instagram application explaining how to access the Reels area in a profile

2. Tap the share button on the Instagram app

With the reel open on the cell phone, touch the Instagram share button (paper airplane icon), do not sing directly on the fabric. Wait to open the application compartment menu.

Print the Instagram application explaining how to use the Reels compartment menu

3. Select “Download” to start or download the Reels

Tap the “Download” option (icon with a mushroom to lower and a horizontal cliff), at the bottom of the screen, to download Reels video. The message “Downloading” will be displayed at the bottom of the screen confirming the download of the content.

Print the Instagram application explaining how to use the Reels compartment menu to download a reel

After downloading, or replay it except in the gallery of your smartphone.

Can you download any reel hair app on Instagram?

You cannot download any Reels video from the Instagram app. This depends on the privacy settings of each profile:

  • Public accounts: Any person can download videos from Reels. However, the user can alter the settings to prevent downloading a specific content or all published videos;
  • Private accounts: It is not possible to download the Reels videos. The download option is only available to modify the privacy settings of Instagram for a public account.

Important: Public accounts of people under 18 years of age must be configured to download Reels contents disabled by their parents. Meanwhile, the user can alter these settings at any time.

Why is the reel not available to download?

O Instagram explained Technoblog that none of your reels will be available to download. Initially, the reel must be posted by a public account and be authorized by the breeder to have the “Baixar” option. The download resource will not be available for publications through private accounts on Instagram.

If a reel is not available to download, the Instagram suggestion is to touch the three points, at the bottom right of the fabric, and save the content to assist at another time. You can review the video and access the “Saves” option in the application settings.

Why o Reel que eu baixei veio sem áudio?

Downloading a reel will only use licensed audio, such as music. Materials protected by copyright are only licensed for use only on social networks. For this reason, the Reels video will be downloaded without interruption.

This does not occur when a reel uses original audio. Here, an audio created by a person or someone captured during the recording of an original video. Note that the original audio may be used by other users after publication.

Why is the Reel lowered by the water mark?

The watermark is not a means of attributing credit to the creator of the video. It helps to identify the author of the platform of origin even as the content is posted by other people and/or on other social networks.

The TikTok and YouTube Shorts also apply a watermark as the symbol of the creator in videos downloaded from apps on social networks.

Can you download the Instagram Reels video without a watermark?

It is possible to download Instagram videos without a watermark using third-party services and applications.

Can you deactivate or download two more videos from Reels on Instagram?

Sim. To prevent other people from façam or downloading reels published by you, open your Instagram profile, touch the main menu (icon with three horizontal cliffs) and go to them “Settings and privacy”. Finally, between em “Sharing and remixes” and deactivate the option “Allow your reels to go down”.

Print the Instagram application explaining how to block or download Reels

You can also disable the “Download” button for individual posts, to create a new reel on Instagram.

How to download Instagram reels from the social network app itself

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