How to control the air conditioning with the mobile | The USA Print

How to control the air conditioning with the mobile

How to control the air conditioning with the mobile | The USA Print

Our mobile devices are nowadays a multifunctional tool with which we do bureaucratic procedures, pay and yes, we also control surveillance or elements of our home such as lights or blinds. The Internet of Things has reached homes to help users deal with security and comfort issues. Therefore, controlling the air conditioning from the mobile was not going to be an exception.

Normal wear and tear or falls over the years can take their toll on your air conditioning remote. Luckily, your mobile stands as a powerful alternative to continue remotely controlling the temperature of your home. The phone’s own hardware and some compatible applications configure an effective method and always at our disposal, which will bring you significant savings compared to replacing a conventional controller.

What do you need

Like the television remote, to control the air conditioning you will need your mobile phone to incorporate an infrared port. You can review the technical data sheet of the device or the settings application to check if your terminal includes this functionality. Second, you’ll need to download a compatible app to turn the air conditioner on, off, and temperature when it’s hot.

One option is to install Universal AC Remote, a free application that, thanks to its simple interface, will act as a universal remote control. Once you have downloaded it, process the permissions configuration and click on the ‘AC’ option to indicate that you want to use the air conditioning. Select the device and the brand of the device and then press “GO” to access the remote control screen, where you will have all the controls for turning your device on or off.

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Wi-Fi, an alternative to infrared

If your mobile device doesn’t have an infrared port, don’t worry. You can get the remote control of your air conditioner with any other compatible application, as long as the air conditioner is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. SURE Universal Remote It will be a good alternative if you meet this requirement. You just have to install it, open it and select the device you want to control, via Wi-Fi or infrared. From there, customize your particular remote control with the buttons you use the most among those offered by the app.

This app also works well with wifi to infrared converters. There are models of these devices with a market price of between 20 and 50 euros, much cheaper than replacing a traditional remote. Acquiring one will be worth the investment if your mobile does not have infrared and you want to guarantee control of the air conditioner, regardless of the quality of your network connection.

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