How to change the font on Instagram?

How to change the font on Instagram?

Instagram is currently one of the most used social networks. Approximately in Spain there are 12,000 influencers They all create content on different social networks and Instagram is one par excellence. Having content unique and differentiating It is crucial for them to notice you and at the same time the image you show to your target audience. A good alternative is to change the typography of your content on Instagram. Your Instagram bio is the first thing people will read about youyour cover letter and it has to be clear, easy to read and creative.

In this post we are going to teach you how to change the typography on your Instagram so that you can give it your own touch, unique style and thus be able to attract your target audience.

What font does Instagram use?

Instagram uses a fairly simple font: Helvetica. It is one of the most famous fonts in the world. It is characterized by its neutrality, versatility and being highly readable. It is not surprising that Instagram chooses to use it to communicate the thoughts and ideas of its users, since it makes it easier for the message to be clear and legible.

But in the stories things change, since Instagram gives us the opportunity to use different fonts up to 9 in total Among them, it has classic, modern, neon, typewriter and bold typography. But these fonts may not be enough for you, customizing them is easier than you imagine with the following pages:

Also, if that were not enough, we will tell you a super trick You can draw what you want in your mobile notes and paste it in your stories in an easy and simple way. You will only have to:

  1. Open the app “Grades” on your mobile.
  2. Open a new note and click on the icon at the bottom that looks like a pencil.
  3. Draw what you want, let your creativity flow.
  4. Once you finish, select all your creation, click “Copy”
  5. Open Instagram, go to stories and copy your drawing.

typography for igchange instagram font

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What is the purpose of changing the font of your profile and publications?

Surely you have seen other Instagram profiles that have different fonts, bios or posts and that for one reason or another caught your attention because they look different. This is because a typeface can talk a lot about your brand, your personality or even your style. Choosing a good font for your profile or your Instagram posts will help you make them look original and stand out from the rest.

Have a unique and original visual aesthetic is a advantage that you cannot miss if you want to highlight your creativity, your brand or entrepreneurship. Changing the font on Instagram is one of the trends that influencers and brands use to generate more traffic to their sites and achieve greater sales.

But be careful some fonts They are aesthetic but difficult to read or understand Always keep in mind that you should use Instagram's font change to your advantage so that your content truly reflects the essence of your brand.

Remember that the description of your profile on Instagram is your letter of introduction: whoever visits it will get a general idea of ​​who you are, which will then lead them to review your publications. Instagram gives you 150 characters so you can make the most of them and describe your personal brand or business. Use this space wisely and complement it with some special typography. Avoid reloading everything, Sometimes, less is more.

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