How to cancel a Nubank card

Canceling a Nubank card is the process of closing your credit account associated with the financial institution, thus interrupting the use of this card to make purchases and transactions. To carry out the procedure it is necessary to contact the Nubank customer service via app, email or phone.

It is important to highlight that canceling the card does not necessarily enclose your complete Nubank account; You can continue using other services offered by the financial institution, such as digital accounts, for example. Understand best to follow.

Nu Card
Cartão Nu (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

1. Open the Nubank app

Access the initial screen of the application to cancel a Nubank credit card.

Start screen for the Nubank application for cell phones.

2. Touch the help button

The botão fica located at the top of your fabric, indicated by the question mark icon.

Start screen for the Nubank application for cell phones.  A red mushroom indicates the help button, not the top of the fabric.

3. Select “Get in touch”

Touch the “Contact” button to access the Nubank customer service.

Nubank application help cloth.  A button positioned at the bottom of the fabric is responsible for accessing the institution's service centre.

4. Access or service via chat

Select the “Converse via chat” option. It is possible to choose other options, such as sending an email or receiving service in Libras.

You must select between 3 forms of service to cancel a Nubank card: via chat, e-mail or by pound.

5. Request the cancellation of the Nubank card

Send a text message informing you that you wish to cancel your credit card. The Nubank customer service will return you with certain conditions to confirm or cancel.

Cloth of the Nubank customer service center.  To cancel a letter of credit, inform the attendant that you wish to do the cancellation.

Can I cancel the Nubank card with the application?

It is not possible to cancel the Nubank card directly from the app. The user cannot then access the application to contact the customer service, and also request or cancel the credit card.

How to cancel your Nubank card if you lost access to the app?

If you do not have access to the Nubank application, it is possible to request the cancellation of the credit card by email Also, the company also has a customer service center with the number 4020 0185not in the case of metropolitan cities and regions, and 0800 591 2117 for other locations.

Can I cancel my Nubank card from the site?

No. Nubank does not offer the option of canceling credit cards via the site. The only ways to cancel a Nubank card is via chat, e-mail or phone.

Will you cancel your credit card until Nubank will be locked up?

No, you will continue to have access to your digital account and the services offered by the company to cancel your credit card. To close your account in Nubank, you must clear your pending accounts with the financial institution and request the cancellation of accounts in the application settings.

What is the difference between canceling and blocking a Nubank card?

To block a Nubank card, the user guarantees that this form of payment will not be used by anyone. This resource is useful in case your card or cell phone is stolen or stolen, for example.

Since the lock of the card is temporary and it is possible to unlock it at any time without application. If the cancellation of the credit card is irreversible, it is no longer possible to use the card. In this case, it will be necessary to request another credit card from Nubank to use it again.

How to cancel a Nubank card

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