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How the white t-shirt from 'The bear' has become the sexiest garment of the season

Among those born in the eighties, who does not remember seeing Sarah Jessica Parker keeping the precious boxes of her Manolo Blahniks in the oven in her New York apartment? The fact is that four decades later is another series, nominated for the prestigious Emmy Awards for best comedy, The Bear (Disney +), which shows us that those of us who live in small spaces need to find any corner to store our fetish clothes. For Carrie the oven was the refuge of her stiletto and for Carmen carmy Berzatt of his Levi’s vintage.

In the same way that sex in new york became one of the first trend-setting series, followed by gossip girl, Mad Men and succession, The Bear it is much more than cooking. Of course, the clothes that have become fashionable are more in tune with what the majority of society wants (and with effort can afford) to wear on a day-to-day basis. This indie comedy with touches of the best Scorsese cinema and the documentaries of the late Anthony Bourdain has made almost half a million followers of a hashtag practically created for the occasion: #chefcore.

There are almost half a million followers of a ‘hashtag’ created practically for the occasion: #chefcore

Also, some protagonists of the series, such as the restaurateur Matty Matheson, have launched their own clothing brand, in this case Rosa Rugosa, which is reaping great success with the online sale of garments that some would think could come from some department store. Why, what is the aesthetic of a chef? “It is not the one that many think immediately, that after a long service they put on anything to return home. as it demonstrates The Bearthe combination of fashion and cooking is the order of the day and no matter how much you spend a large part of your day coming up with the best snacks, even in a sandwich shop in Chicago, that does not mean that you put on the first thing you find in your closet”, remarks Linda May in Vanity Fair UK.

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Simplicity as the main course

It was already demonstrated decades ago boyfriend shirt, that white shirt that some girls steal from their boyfriend and that becomes the key piece of a look. Recently, pajamas on the street, the friuliane velvet becoming the quintessential flat shoe and even casual bows on the catwalk. White T-shirts, clogs, jeans, and baseball or basketball caps define the new luxury in terms casual.

Denim and casual white t-shirt

Denim and casual white t-shirt


“He chef core once again enthrones the casual, sexy and iconic look of James Dean or Tom Cruise in their time. It is the exquisiteness, the quality and the care for the details that define it, like everything cooked with love and patience”, explains Alba Sunyer, author of the book apats/ The Catalan Tablein which he interviews the vast majority of today’s Michelin chefs born in Catalonia, from Ferran Adrià to Carme Ruscalleda and the Roca brothers.

“After the pandemic there was that desire on the part of haute couture to dress ourselves to the nines again, but it was a failed attempt. Not only do the thirty-plus generations no longer want to feel corseted in a suit or a pencil skirt, but millennials and the Gen z’ have put comfort and its prevalence over sophistication on the table”, adds the stylist for Grace UK Sofia Allen.

Birkenstock Boston, the model worn by the protagonist of the series

Birkenstock Boston, the model worn by the protagonist of the series


“Beyond the J. Crew jersey that on June 27 was established as The Bear Sweater and the Tom Browne jacket that Carmy gives Sydney, the series features clothes and accessories that many can afford, such as Carhartt chinos or jeans, or Birkenstock clogs. That is one of the successes of the series, which shows that there are already many who do not see it as an extravagance to get a white shirt for 100 euros if it is of quality and the label demonstrates its traceability in ecological terms”, adds Allen.

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Chefs as style prescribers

And so it is. The shirts worn by the protagonist, mostly produced by firms hitherto unknown to the general public, such as Velva Sheen or Merz b. Schwanen, are manufactured on demand so as not to harm the planet. Merz b. Schwanen was founded in 1920 and continues to produce its T-shirts as before, which are delivered in an exclusive packaging: a brown box with a notebook that reviews the history of the house until today.

“We don’t like that they think that we only look for finesse in the kitchen, we also want quality clothes while we work and when we go out on the street,” he remarks in an interview in Guardian the chef of the River Café in London, a meeting place for both neighbors and influencers. That is why firms like Service Works, in London, create designer and comfortable pants and clothing to wear under a kitchen uniform.

Another key to this outfits On the rise are sneakers, as we see in The Bear, with exclusive collections from the main brands in the market. Proof of this is the legendary Parisian sandwich shop Paperboy, which has launched an exclusive collection with Beams and New Balance.

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“Chefs are artists at heart. They are obsessed with details, just like good clothing brands do,” says Brian Parcir, the culinary director of Thompson Hospitality and private chef for the New York Yankees. “In Tokyo, the famous French chef, Alain Ducasse, runs the Beige Restaurant, a space that crowns the headquarters from Chanel. Similarly, we can also find a Dior restaurant in Paris, a Gucci Oyster Bar in Milan or a Prada Café in London. Undoubtedly, exclusive gastronomic experiences with which the firms seek to surprise their unconditional followers.

Other brands such as Armani (Dubai), Bulgari (Milan), Versace (Dubai) or Karl Lagerfeld (Macau) go even further, offering a complete package at any of their hotels. In Spain, without going any further, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi have settled, for several summers now, in Marbella with original pop up where you can enjoy their menus in spaces that envelop the diner with all the magic of their creative philosophy”, adds the journalist and blogger Eloy Valero.

Social networks are what have also helped many chefs and their recipes to circulate and go viral, as has happened with sandwiches from The Bear and even the simple spaghetti al pomodoro that Carmy cooks. Those who have already seen the series or are starting the second season already know that tomatoes are part of the success, like in a good pasta dish.

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