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How much does the gold-plated meat that Featherweight ate cost?  We reveal details of the restaurant

The Mexican singer Featherweight He has had a year full of successes, and for a few months his name has not stopped appearing in the headlines of the entertainment sourceand they have linked him romantically with some models, they have also talked about his singles, as well as his presentations where his fans end up surprising with their actions.

However, it would not be the only thing because he constantly loves to show off the luxurious life he lives and ends up sharing it on social networks, taking into consideration that His teeth are one of those things after wearing false ones and full of diamonds.

At the same time, this did not end up being the exception because he recently took his suitcases because he went on a trip to Dubai and was in a restaurant where they told him that meat is one of the best that can be enjoyed, the same case that occurs with hamburgers. , only there is something that makes the difference in all this and This is a layer of molten gold around the dish before it is cooked.

How much does the cut of meat that Featherweight ordered cost?

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, the singer’s real name, made a request to a chef at the Nusr – Et restaurant, located in the city of the United Arab Emirates, and the cut he ordered was named ‘Golden Steak’ and would cost approximately $1,000 and 1,500 dollars. However, it is not the only specialty they sell on the site because they also offer coffee and wine with gold leaf.

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Portals such as ‘My London’ and ‘The Guardian’, specialized in the area of ​​gastronomy, explained that the taste of coffee under no circumstances changesa fact that many came to think according to what they were ordering to consume, while The meat does have a particular flavor, but not because of the gold.

To the place Only those who have made a reservation can enter and at least until last Saturday, September 9, they did not have spaces available, because the demand is quite high.

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