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How many times will you show them again and again.. Netizens' bold comments on Shriya's latest pics!

Shriya.. No special introduction is needed about this beauty. Shriya, who shined as a star heroine in the south, got opportunities in Bollywood with the craze she got here. It was also very successful there.

She married Andrey Kochiev, a Russian tennis player and businessman, before her career took off. A baby girl was born to the couple during the lockdown.

Shriya, who is currently doing many films in South as well as North, is very active on social media. Often with glamorous photo shoots, Nettin is making noise. Even after becoming a mother, beauty is going to dry without setting any limits.

To prove that her beauty is intact at the age of 40, she is showing cleavage in a skimpy dress. Once again the glamor sparkled. In a tight outfit, Yama poses hot for the photos, showing the beauty of Naju’s waistline.

Currently, Shriya’s latest photos are shaking the social media. Netizens are making various comments on the beauty of this senior beauty. Some are saying aha oh, while others are making bold comments saying how many times will they show the same beauties again and again.

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