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Do you want to develop your business and increase your turnover? Launching a training activity is all the rage right now, but it takes a lot of preparation. The course certifying “Creation and development of a training activity” prepares you for this. However, following this path means going through various administrative procedures, in particular that of having to declare your training activity…

What does the job of trainer consist of?

As a trainer, you are responsible for providing training or development services to a generally adult audience, which may be employees or job seekers. It therefore carries out its activity within the framework of continuing education.

The profession of trainer encompasses different designations and training activities, which means that there is no homogeneous category for this profession. But we can separate, among others, full-time trainers, for whom this is the main activity, and occasional trainers, who perform part-time services within a company or a training centre.

According to the FFP, there are currently nearly 158,000 employees practicing vocational training activities. They represent only 0.6% of national employment, which can represent a real boon given the high recruitment difficulties observed within this sector. 13% of trainers work for the State, communities or public hospitals. Regarding their income, it varies: 26% say they earn less than 1500 euros per month while 30% say they are paid 3000 euros per month.

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In order to find out more about the training professions, the Inffo Center provides you with a database containing the certifications of the training professions. In particular, you can see the certifications (titles registered or not with the RNCP) allowing access to the professions of trainer, training manager or even training consultant. In short, this database offers you all the necessary information in addition to including a search option by degree, organization, region or department.

How to make a declaration of activity as a trainer?

The declaration of activity

You must make a declaration of activity to the regional control service of Dreets (Regional Directorate for the Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity), at the latest within 3 months after the signature of the first vocational training contract. This organization then sends a response within 30 days of receiving the complete file.

The activity declaration form contains the name, address, activity and legal status of the declarant. It must also be accompanied by supporting documents, including the list of trainers and their qualifications.

Various actors are also subject to this declaration, namely:

  • Skills assessment bodies,
  • Those who ensure actions to validate acquired experience,
  • Those who carry out learning actions.

Once registered, any declared professional training organization or independent trainers are then included in the public list of training organizations, which can be consulted online and free of charge.

In case of modification of the initial declaration (name of the organization, address, status, identity of the person in charge, etc.) or any cessation of activity, they must be declared within 30 days.

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The educational and financial report (BPF)

Each declared entity, whatever its legal status, must imperatively provide this balance sheet describing its activity during the previous year, before April 30 of each year.

You must then pass the BPF in two ways:

  • Via the platform “My employment and vocational training procedures”
  • By mail, to the Regional Control Service (SRC)

As for the validity of the activity declaration, this depends entirely on the BPF, being no longer valid if the BPF does not contain any training activity or has not been sent. In this case, you lose the right to organize training actions and will have to make a new request in order to resume your activities.

Supporting documents to send for a declaration of activity

A declaration of activity must be accompanied by a few documents necessary for justification such as:

  • A copy of the proof of allocation of the unique identification number or SIREN number,
  • A bulletin n°3 of the criminal record of the manager concerning legal persons or of the declarant for natural persons,
  • A copy of the first vocational training contract,
  • A copy of the statutes in case your organization provides apprenticeship training
  • Information about the content of the trainings, their organization and the technical and pedagogical means mobilized, only if this information is not indicated in the training contract transmitted.

Note that other documents or information such as the first training provided, the people who took it or the nature of the training may also be required by the administration.

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