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Tourism consolidated its recovery in April, in the middle of Holy Week, after two very difficult years due to the pandemic. The number of overnight stays in hotels rose to 25.1 million in April, which represents an increase of 507% compared to the same month in 2021, when there were 4.1 million. The figure is close to 26.80 million in April 2019, before the outbreak of the coronavirus, according to The National Institute of Statistics reported this Monday (INE). Another piece of information points to an improvement in the profitability of companies: hotels invoiced an average of 96.3 euros per occupied room, which represents an annual increase of 36.3%. The high inflation that affects the economy as a whole continues to affect rates, with an annual rise in the hotel price index of 29.5% in the fourth month of the year, a higher rate than that of March (22.5%) , and with Andalusia (43.0%) and Madrid (42.9%) leading the increases.

Regarding occupancy, in April 55.9% of the places offered were covered, with an annual increase of 164.4%. The INE points out in its statement that “since in 2021 Holy Week was celebrated between March and April and in 2022 in April, it is convenient to analyze the aggregate period March-April”. This registers a growth in overnight stays of 453.4% ​​compared to the same two-month period in 2021 (overnight stays by residents grow by 218.9% and those by non-residents by 1,007.9%).

The data offer a picture, in general, of recovery, in which the sector has embarked on a consolidated path of improvement, despite the fear of the impact of the war in Ukraine and the rise in inflation. However, high prices remain a threat, especially ahead of the summer season. Not only because it affects the pockets of tourists, but also because of the rise in costs it entails for the sector.

The average stay also increased in April, 37.1% more than a year earlier, standing at 2.9 overnight stays per traveler. During the first four months of 2022, overnight stays increased by 430.1% compared to the same period of the previous year.

British and Germans in the lead

Travelers from the United Kingdom and Germany accounted for 23.3% and 19.0%, respectively, of the total overnight stays by foreign tourists in April. They are followed by travelers from France, the Netherlands and Italy, with 10%, 5% and 4% of the total, respectively.

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After a year of almost total stoppage in 2020, the sector began to recover in 2021, but in the first five months of last year the restrictions on mobility between some autonomous communities and, above all, on international travel still weighed heavily. In 2022, a strong comeback in activity is expected.


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