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Homeless man's death on New York train ruled a homicide

A New York City medical examiner determined that the death Monday of a homeless African American at the hands of a passenger in a subway car was homicidewhile demands for justice are heard and protests are called.

According to the coroner, Jordan Neely, 30, died from neck compression as a result of strangulationindicate local media.

Neely, who has transpired had mental problemshad been yelling at passengers on an F line train in Manhattan when the other passenger, 24 years old but who has not been identified, grabbed him by the neck while two others – all white – held his arms, which was caught on video.

The man who caused her death, said to be an ex-Marine, he was questioned by the police and releasedwhich has outraged New Yorkers, who have already held a protest and have called another for this Friday.

Governor Kathy Hochul called the video “horrifying” and said that “There have to be consequences”notes the New York Times while Mayor Eric Adams called the death “tragic” and asked for “patience” while the investigation is completed.

It also indicates that the authorities have said that they are investigating what happened to determine if they press charges for the death of Neely, who used to imitate Michael Jackson and perform on the streets of the city.

While the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has indicated that it is still looking at a variety of factors.

“As part of our rigorous ongoing investigation, we will review the medical examiner’s report, evaluate all available video and photographic images, identify and interview as many witnesses as possible, and obtain additional medical records,” said his spokesman, Doug Cohen. , also indicated the Times.

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