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    Herschel Walker: The anti-abortion candidate who paid for his girlfriend’s abortion because “it wasn’t the time to be a father” | International | The USA Print

    Hershel Walker, during a campaign event, last August.
    Hershel Walker, during a campaign event, last August.ERIK S. LESSER (EFE)

    Herschel Walker is a former American football star who aspires to be a senator from Georgia, one of the most contested states in the November legislative election campaign, whose fate will decide the future of the United States. A candidate for the Republican Party, he represents the most hardline wing on issues like abortion. If it were up to him, it would be prohibited from the moment of conception, and without exceptions for cases of incest or rape. Nothing strange in a politician who received the support of Donald Trump in the primaries and proudly represents the values ​​of “Christian nationalism.” The surprising thing is that Walker, as it has become known this Monday, paid for the termination of the pregnancy of a girlfriend he had back in 2009.

    Apparently, in that case, his own, he did make an exception, because “it wasn’t the time to be a father.”

    He wired that woman $700 and sent her a message of encouragement. All this material came to light thanks to a web investigation DailyBeast. Walker, 60, has since been categorically denying it with excuses such as the spirit of helping others runs through his blood, and that’s what he did in that case. “I never asked anyone to have an abortion. I never paid for an abortion, and it’s a lie. And I’m going to keep fighting,” Walker said on the nightly program of foxnews Hosted by veteran Sean Hannity. He has announced his intention to sue DailyBeast, but so far it hasn’t.

    The candidate suddenly finds himself, a little over a month before the appointment with the polls, in which he faces Democrat Raphael Warnock, in the middle of a phenomenal political storm, which he has tried to blame on a media campaign progressives (means like The New York Times, who published a great story on Sunday that told why in the town where he grew up as a black boy with an unusual talent for sports few of the members of his community think of voting for him). The problem is that the attacks are not coming this time only from outside.

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    Christian, 23, one of four Walker children, erupted after the latest revelations on Twitter, where he has made a name for himself as a influencer ultraconservative spectrum (and has 285,000 followers). In a series of incendiary messages and two videos, he accused his father of being an absent father and a pathological liar. He also said that he had “remained silent” during two years of lies, and that, despite the fact that he supported the candidate in an electoral act, he tried before to convince him, “like all the members of the family” not to run, but he didn’t pay attention to them (“he made us the comb”, said Christian). “It’s over”.

    “I would appreciate it if you would stop lying and making fun of us,” the young man wrote, adding: “You were not a ‘family man’ when you left us to sleep with other women, when you threatened to kill us and forced us to move six times in six months to run away from your violence.” He also added that he would be able to forgive someone with “a bad past” who took on his “responsibility.” “But how dare you lie and act as if you were a ‘moral, Christian and upright man’? You have lived dedicated to DESTROYING other people’s lives. How dare you?”.

    Accusations of ill-treatment

    Christian’s mother, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, was married to the football star from 1983 to 2002, and has accused her husband of mistreatment, including pointing a gun to her temple. Walker, who does not deny these facts, justifies them by saying that he has memory loss, and that, consequently, he does not remember those episodes.

    Seven years after that turbulent divorce, what has now been denounced happened. The woman provided the documents (including a card on which Walker wrote: “I pray you feel better”), but preferred not to reveal her identity in the article, in which she says that when Walker told her he was not ready for paternity she agreed, and that only later did she discover that the athlete had had “a child out of wedlock” that same year with another Texas woman.

    Since he decided to make the leap into politics, the candidate has gone from publicly having one offspring (Christian) to four. During this time he has recognized the existence of two men and a daughter of whom there was no news. Hence “the two years of lies” to which his eldest son referred. A fervent fan of Trump and sensitive to the theories of electoral theft of the 2020 elections, the young man is the host of a podcast against culture woke up and their “indoctrination in the schools”. Is named uncancellable (Impossible to cancel).

    Will all this take its toll on Walker’s electoral aspirations? It is not clear. Scott Paradise, a spokesman for his campaign, tweeted that fundraising had grown after the story of DailyBeast, although he offered no evidence of it.

    At the moment, he has received the support of Trump after the controversy broke out. Also, from the Republican National Committee and Senate Republicans, as well as Rick Scott, a member of the House of Representatives from Florida. But Washington Post published an article on Wednesday about the discomfort in the Republican Party of Georgia at the idea that perhaps they were wrong to bet on this candidate, who is diverting the focus of the campaign issues that really interest them to a personal field: the inflation, rising crime in big cities, and the threat to traditional values ​​from socially progressive laws promoted by Democrats.

    A few years ago, such a scandal would surely have spelled the electoral death of Walker: Americans used to forgive almost anything except lying. In these times of extremism, his voters may swallow the bullshit to avoid sending a Democrat to Washington. But it’s also true that for a base of Walker’s potential supporters, the part that professes evangelical faith, abortion is a red line that simply cannot be crossed. The prominent anti-abortion group National Right to Life, however, issued a statement saying: “The anonymous attack on Herschel Walker is just the latest in a series of assassination attempts. [político] of Democrats dating back to the indictments against Judge Clarence Thomas.”

    At this point, the polls are even, although they give Warnock a small advantage (47% against 44% of his opponent).

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