Here's how Instagram will pay creators

Here's how Instagram will pay creators

Bombshell news from the Instagram team!

“By the end of 2022, we plan to invest more than $1 billion in programs that offer creators new ways to earn money for the content they create on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.”

Be it artists or style experts, creators entertain users across platforms. As a result, Instagram has chosen to reward them – especially those just starting out – for creating content that their communities love. Perhaps, given TikTok's competition with the “Creators Fund”, this news arrived a bit late, but it must also be said that the earnings – at the moment – ​​I am definitely generous!

The saying “Better late than never” is definitely appropriate this time!

How can you earn?

This investment will include new bonus programs that they pay eligible creators to achieve certain goals. All through creative and monetization tools within the app itself.

Additionally, Instagram will also provide seed funding to creators to produce their content, as their goal is to help as many people as possible find sustainable, long-term success on IG and FB apps.

BONUS program

Instagram is introducing new bonus programs that will reward creators for sharing content that people like. Exact:

Just share content on Instagram to get paid!

Furthermore, the platform Facebook is working on will also help creators understand what content works best from the point of view of monetization through a cross-analysis system between coverage, interactions and earnings.

Bonus programs will be seasonal, evolving and expanding over time. Although some programs are already available – like the badges or the stars challenge – they will launch one in the fall dedicated space for bonuses within the app Instagram and Facebook, where it will be possible to find out about bonuses available to you.

Availability of Bonuses

On Instagram, the first bonuses will be available by invitation and will be activated once the creator has signed up for advertising programs in IGTV format content, use of badges during live shows and creation of reels.

  • The bonus for IGTV ads (now available to creators in the US) allows you to earn a one-time bonus for signing up for IGTV ads, allowing them to earn a share of revenue when ads run during their videos. You can find a further information here.
  • Badges in the Live bonus (now available in 11 countries, includingItaly) reward users when they reach certain goals, that you can find here.
  • The Reels Summer bonus (which launches in the next few weeks for users in the US) will pay creators for creating reels on Instagram. It will be visible in the new “bonus” section of the Instagram app and, just like with TikTok, the earnings will be determined based on content performance.
Reels Summer bonus
Example of earning through Reels

The ways to earn with Instagram are becoming more and more varied:

  • advertising revenue via in-stream and IGTV ads;
  • fan support via badges;
  • stars challenge;
  • fan subscriptions and paid online events;
  • partnerships with brands through branded content;
  • creator shopping.

In short, if you intend to earn… now is the right time!

Why does Instagram “give away” money?

If you read carefully the term used by Instagram was “investment”. As you well know by now, the truth exchange currency that determines the success or failure of a social network is the time. Without it they couldn't sell theirs traffic to advertisers and collect data to make their marketing actions increasingly precise.

Time is money.

This decision is a clear signal that Zuckerberg has finally realized that to keep those who guarantee him the raw material, the contents, happy, so that increase the time spent by users on Instagram and Facebook it is necessary to encourage them, in order to avoid being subjected to the charm and rise of competition.

Being a investment It goes without saying that the creator fund won't be open to everyone, but those who best help the platform achieve its purpose will be selected. Therefore, perhaps and finally, we could be faced with a purely selection meritocratic from Instagram!

It must be said: hard work pays off in the long run!

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