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Helen Mirren turned heads at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday night. The 77-year-old British actress bet everything on blue and appeared spectacular combining her hair, dress and manicure in shades of that color.

Helen, who attended the opening ceremony and the screening of Jeanne duBarry, She changed her usual long, gray hair for a fancy hairstyle. She collected her long hair in a carefree bun with loose strands, which brought freshness to her look. The color she chose to dye is periwinkle, a shade of light blue or pastel blue intermediate between light blue and lavender, with a violet appearance.

The actress collected her long hair in a casual bun with loose locks


Totally beguiled, the Oscar winner for The Queen She paired her spectacular hairstyle with a long baby blue Del Core dress that left the shoulders bare and a plunging neckline. Mirren’s stylist, Lee Harris, shared with page six style that the dress was “tailor-made for her” by Daniel Del Core and inspired by a yellow skirt the designer created for his spring collection.

“I thought [la falda] it was absolutely beautiful and he was so kind as to reinterpret it for us in a dress in this beautiful shade of periwinkle blue, a color that we thought would be particularly flattering on Helen,” Harris told page six style. “It’s quite a classic design, and I think the blue hair really adds a touch of punk hipness that keeps it all very on-trend,” he added.


Helen Mirren, very conjoined with shades between blue and purple

Mohammed Badra / EFE

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“It’s quite a classic design, and I think the blue hair really adds a touch of punk hipness that keeps it all very on-trend,” says the actress’s stylist.

The manicure that the actress wore also matched the look because she chose an ice blue color. The entire outfit was enhanced with diamond jewelry. Helen gave the cool touch to her appearance with a black fan bearing the inscription Worth it, which could refer, without a doubt, to her spectacular makeover. Though as an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, she was most likely a nod to the brand’s tagline.


Detail of the fan, which bore the inscription Worth it (worth it)

Vianney Le Caer/LaPresse

Regarding her hair, the actress has explained on occasion that in the past she always used to cut her hair herself, and that she never dyed it. Although this changed during the pandemic, when she began to grow her hair long. “I quite like the fact that it was against the rules for women my age to have long hair,” she said.

The English artist has always maintained that finding confidence is the key to being happy and feeling beautiful. “I don’t think there should be rules and luckily there are fewer and fewer,” she said in a recent interview with Vogue. “Accepting who you are, finding confidence in it and not resisting it is the best beauty advice. The moment you are confident and not trying to be something you are not, everything in you relaxes… you are happy.”

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