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Health opens the door to the implementation of new screenings against cancer

The Minister of Health, José Miñones, has opened the door to expanding the common portfolio of services of the National Health System with new screening programs of cancer such as lung, the same is done with the screening programs for breast cancer and colorectal cancer. EL PERIÓDICO had already advanced in April that 38 Spanish hospitals would start a pilot project of these screenings, which had to start in June, although they have not yet started and will, foreseeably, this September.

“The prevention It is, without a doubt, the best basis that our National Health System has to improve people’s quality of life, also in the field of oncology“, he defended during his speech at the conference ‘Challenges in cancer care’ organized this Thursday at the Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona.

The head of Health has explained that his ministry is in a evaluation process of the evidence and the efficacy of new population cancer screenings to assess the possibility of expanding the health portfolio with their inclusion.

The ministry will participate, for example, in the pilot test on lung cancer screening that will be launched by 38 hospitals in the 17 autonomous communities, something that will be a reality throughout Spain in 2028.

In this regard, Miñones has stressed that surveillance and diagnosis strategies must be accompanied by a response capacity at the care level that guarantees quality care for cancer patients and has vindicated the contribution of the central Executive for the acquisition of “high technology” diagnosis and treatment.

Regarding the Spanish presidency of the European Union (EU), Miñones has advocated building a new health EU: “We need a Europe that prioritizes health and that ensures, of course, a coordinated and fair response to the health needs of the citizenship”.

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For his part, the Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Manel Balcells, has argued that any improvement in care, also in the field of oncology, “needs a coordinated work and continued” with all the health agents involved.

The minister has insisted on the implementation of advanced therapies in the health system to improve care for people, a measure that in his opinion will require the financing from your department, from the Government, from the EU and from public-private collaboration.

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