He discovers that his wife is unfaithful due to a government security alert | The USA Print

El hombre escuchó un sonido proveniente de algún sitio oculto por la alerta del gobierno.

The British outlet Daily Record published a story that soon went viral due to the strange way in which a man found out that his wife was unfaithful.

The woman in question is called Verity and in an interview for said medium, he narrated how her ex-husband found out she was with another man thanks to an emergency alert issued by the UK government and that it sent to the cell phones of all its inhabitants.

The woman justifies her adventure by indicating that, after giving birth to her son, her relationship with her husband wore out, as he stopped paying attention to her and only focused on the baby. Likewise, she confessed that she felt that she had “lost her identity” from her, since she had to take care of her work, the house and her child, and she did not receive help from her partner.

That is how she decided to sign up to a dating website to meet other people and there she contacted a man, with whom she secretly met on weekends.

Although she knew that what she was doing was not the right thing, having a lover made her “feel alive”; besides, he saw her lover as a simple pastime, as something temporary.

A government alert uncovered his infidelity

On April 23, the British government issued an emergency alert, in the afternoon, which reached the cell phones of all its inhabitants.

Verity had a second cell phone, which was the one she used to communicate exclusively with her lover, and which rang loudly when said alert came in.

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Usually, He always left said phone in his car, but that day he forgot and left it inside a coat that he hung on the coat rack in the hallway of his house. At that time, she was with her husband painting her son’s room when the alert was issued, which was intended to prevent potential dangers, such as floods.

Her husband left the room to find where that sound came from, so i go downstairs and found the devicethus discovering the deceit on the part of his wife.

“I just stood there frozen with a weird look on my face. I only remember that she yelled: ‘Come on, then, tell me.’ When she said, ‘Is there anyone else?’ I just nodded and felt like she wanted to disappear. The worst moment of my life”, the unfaithful woman.

Now, their marriage has been completely broken, although they say they do not regret what they did

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